International SOS

As you may be aware, the University of Waikato is supported by International SOS who provide our employees with unique medical, safety and security expertise and assistance when travelling or living abroad. This program forms part of our International Travel Policy and is a pre-requisite to having your travel approved.

For those that have smart phones, you will also shortly receive a Mobile Phone App. Download this App so you can get immediate access to a medical or logistical expert in time of need or for routine advice. You'll also get up-to-date medical and advice and real-time alerts for the locations where you are travelling

What This Means for You

As an employee of the University and therefore an International SOS member, you receive extended medical and safety assistance 24/7 no matter where you live or travel internationally on the University’s behalf.

International SOS does everything possible to keep members healthy, safe and secure in any situation. Below we have outlined when and how to access the relevant services offered by International SOS. You can also access the International SOS Members-only resources through our intranet University of Waikato Portal

When to Use Your Membership

Contact International SOS anytime, anywhere when you venture out of the country as our representative. Consider them your reliable, virtual advisor for both critical and routine questions.

  • Pre Departure Prepare. Educate. Acknowledge.
    • As soon as you know you are travelling, follow the links on the Intranet to sign yourself up for security and/or medical Alerts for each of the countries/cities you will travel to or through
    • Review the country security/medical and cultural guides on them Members-only International SOS website (access through our intranet)
    • Where possible, at least 2-3 weeks prior to departure, contact the International SOS Alarm Centre (available 24/7) to obtain a medical and/or security brief over the phone
    • Depending on your itinerary the doctor or security specialist may request you email your itinerary and complete a travel brief questionnaire for a journey management plan
    • Ensure your International SOS Mobile Phone application is active - allowing you access to medical and security alerts while you’re away
  • Travel or Assignment Assist. Inform.

    Using your International SOS Mobile Phone application or your membership card, you can call an Alarm Centre 24/7 if you:

    • Are not feeling well
    • Need a referral for a doctor, dentist or other care
    • Hear of travel disruption affecting your itinerary
    • Hear of adverse weather or a natural disaster that impacts your itinerary
    • Feel unsafe, hear of riots or protests outside your hotel or place of business
    • Require a language translator, even in a cab
    • Need prescriptive medication
    • Your wallet /passport/ identification documents are lost or stolen
    • Require a cash advance
    • Are the victim of a theft or assault
  • Emergency Advise. Recommend. Act.

    Call the Alarm Centre 24/7 in any medical or security emergency situation. International SOS will assist your managers and you with:

    • Hospitalisation and medical monitoring (including upfront payment to ensure emergency admission)
    • Step-by-step security instructions and advice to ensure your safety
    • Operational and logistical management of your medical and/or security evacuation
    • Liaising with your family members and the University with updates on your situation
    • Post-incident follow-up and return to work assistance

No matter how small your concern, when in doubt, call International SOS for support.


To learn more about your membership and how to use it, watch this International SOS member video