Motor Vehicle

Many staff drive University vehicles, or vehicles rented in the University's name, in the normal course of their work (see below for details relating to non-staff drivers). Should any vehicle be involved in an accident, or be stolen or damaged, the person driving it, or responsible for it, will need to complete an insurance claim form giving full details of the accident or other event. The excess payable by the user department is $500 for drivers over 25, $1,000 for drivers over 21 and $1,500 for drivers under 21.

If a staff member needs to make a claim please complete the Motor Vehicle claim form.

Important points to note:

Rental vehicles
The University's insurance policy also covers the use of rental vehicles. When a vehicle is rented under the terms of the University's preferred supplier arrangements the hirer should decline any insurance cover offered by the rental company. Should damage be sustained to the rented vehicle a University Motor Vehicle claim form should be completed. Assistance for this will be provided by Derek Kivell, Fleet Manager in the Property Services Division, extension 9516.

Non-staff drivers
The insurance policy also covers drivers who are not staff members (e.g. students, visiting lecturers etc.) who drive University owned or rented vehicles provided that they do so with the express approval of the University. Approval can be given at departmental level and does not need to be confirmed at the University level unless there are extenuating circumstances to take into account.

Generally speaking, as long as due consideration is given to factors that could affect a driver's suitability for cover (e.g. under 25's, those on restricted licences and those holding licences with endorsements) there will not be an issue with cover being extended.

Please contact Karen Harper, on extension 9720 or email [email protected] if you are unsure of any aspect of approving non-staff drivers.