Travel Insurance

Business Travel

Many University staff travel overseas on University business to attend meetings, conferences, marketing events, carry out research etc. Before travelling the University requires staff to register online for comprehensive insurance cover through Allianz Global Assistance (AGA). This is a two step process, please register as a user using the Travelbook registration tool below, then book your insurance. From then on, you can then use the Travelbook link to edit trip details, or make further bookings. There is a help guide within the tools.

If you are travelling to a  destination that may be high risk, please refer to the University travel policy  (, and email [email protected] or contact Karen Harper, ext 9720 or Shuping Wang, ext 4705, to discuss the  options. There may be an additional premium charged, or if the risk is  considered too high, cover may be refused.

If you have concerns about your  health, work through the Pre-existing Medical Conditions Questionaire, if you answered Yes to any of questions 2-7, send the completed form through  to [email protected] and we will contact the brokers on your behalf for a quote. If you answered Yes to question1 only,  you can proceed with registration using the online tool.


There is no COVID-19 cover under the University’s insurance policy for travel to any country for which the NZ Government has issued a “Do not travel” or “Avoid non-essential travel” warning on

Provided that you are not travelling against NZ Government advice, you will be covered for medical expenses, emergency assistance and additional travel costs if you are exposed to, suspected of or contract COVID19 during your travel.

There is no cover for costs arising from any lockdowns, changes in government alert levels, quarantine or mandatory isolation that applies generally or to some or all of the population.

Also see COVID-19 FAQs below

Personal Travel

Allianz have extended the cover  offered to the University of Waikato to include staff leisure travel, and close family members if they are travelling with the staff member. This  cover will usually cost $5.65 per person per day, and can be applied for in the same way as business travel insurance. The leisure travel insurance benefits are  superior to many offered in the market, but it is always a good idea to compare alternatives. If you require AGA business travel cover but wish to obtain leisure cover through an alternative company, please contact Karen Harper, ext  9720 or Shuping Wang, ext 4705 and we will talk you through the process.

Study Leave Travel

The University does not cover the  travel insurance premium for staff on study leave, and there is no requirement  that staff use the University’s travel insurance provider. However the daily rates are favourable, being lower than the leisure travel insurance premium. If you wish to use the Allianz cover for study leave, please email [email protected] or contact Karen Harper, ext 9720 or Shuping Wang, ext 4705, to discuss payment or re-charge options.


For further advice, on any matters  relating to travel insurance, please contact Karen Harper, ext 9720 or Shuping Wang, ext 4705 or email [email protected]