Details of travel insurance cover

The University’s travel insurance policy covers a number of specific risks. The ones that tend to directly affect staff members the most are:

  • Loss of baggage/property
    This covers the cost of replacement of items lost or stolen. The excess applying to this cover is $100 for each event, or 10% of value (minimum $250) if the item lost is electronic equipment, particularly important in respect of laptop computers.
  • Loss of deposits
    This covers the reimbursement of payments made, which cannot be reclaimed, in the event that a trip has to be cancelled. The excess applicable is $100.
  • Medical expenses
    This covers the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by the staff member for emergency treatment while overseas. The excess is $100.
  • NB. Special note on the excess amounts deducted from claims.
    In the event that a claim is made by a staff member for any or all of the above, the excess that is not reimbursed by the insurer will be paid to the staff member by his/her department provided the claim did not arise as a result of demonstrable negligence on his/her part. Staff members should liaise with their department heads to expedite the reimbursement of excess amounts.

Acknowledgement of travel insurance applications

When the online application form is completed and transmitted to FSD an automatic response will be returned to the sender’s email address. This confirms to the sender that the application has been received successfully.

The University’s insurance cover operates on a default basis. Unless there is an issue involved which is out of the ordinary the insurer will not provide specific confirmation that cover is in place.

Possible exceptions to this are where pre-existing medical conditions are a factor or a person is over the age of 75. In these cases a special application needs to be made and if cover is approved the staff member will be advised. The online application form specifies the action to be taken in these circumstances.

If such pre-existing conditions are a factor a staff member should contact Petrus Rijkers in FSD, extension 4182, email [email protected] for assistance.