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Tired of endlessly searching for carparks on campus? Try leaving your car behind. There are lots of good reasons to leave your car at home:

  • Instead of sitting in traffic, burn calories and save money and time by biking, walking, skateboarding or rollerblading to the University.
  • Gain more time to relax. If you take the bus or rideshare with a friend, you can leave the driving up to someone else.
  • It keeps New Zealand cleaner and greener. Some of the most obvious environmental effects are the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels, air pollution and climate change. Noise and traffic are also unpleasant products of motorised traffic.
  • It saves money!

The Automobile Association (AA) estimates a petrol vehicle over 2000cc has a running cost of 85 cents per kilometre travelled.  If you are travelling the average of 14,000km a year (approximately 40km a day) it comes to more than $12,000 - That's $17 for a 20km journey.  Carpooling could save you up to 60-80% of those costs.

Did you know?

  • 80% of New Zealanders' travelling time is spent driving or as a passenger in cars (52% driving, 28% as a passenger).

  • 5% of New Zealanders' travelling time is spent on public transport.  (AA website).


For a less expensive commuting alternative that still provides the convenience of a car, try ridesharing to campus with a friend or two. Preferential parking has been provided in Gates 1 (near ITS) and 10 (near the Management School - in front of NIWA). Simply pick up your free RideLink Parking Permit from Security in B Annex. If your mates don't live nearby, or have different schedules, you can search for someone to rideshare with through the University RideLink website. Just remember if you park in the RideLink zones without a permit or if you have a permit but arrive without your rideshare partner(s), you are subject to clamping and fines.

For more information, see the RideLink website or contact the Security office on (838)4444.  The RideLink website is


Let someone else do the driving and don't worry about parking! Payment has also been made easier with BusIt cards. You can purchase and charge up your BusIt card with cash or EFTPOS at the Hamilton City Transport Centre, or from the bus driver for cash only. Five buses come onto or near campus. The main campus bus terminal can be found behind the shops and just downhill from K Block, while other bus stops are just a short walk away.

For more information about bus routes, schedules and fares see or call 0800 4 BUSLINE

Skateboarding, Rollerblades and Skates

Skateboards and rollerblades are fine on campus, as long as you don't use them inside buildings or where signage specifically prohibits their use.  Also, you may be asked to move on if your mode of commute is disturbing busy students and staff, or creating a safety issue.


There are a range of on- and off-road cycle paths available, thanks to Hamilton City Council. The University also provides special bike access via Gate 2a, secure bicycle storage facilities are below G Block and L Blocks, and numerous bike racks throughout campus:  Map of locations available at or use Google Earth.

  • Campus-vicinity cycle routes
  • University bicycle locker: Located on the city-side of G Block and the Student Centre/Library side of L Block. For information contact FMD Safety and Security on Ext. 4444 or (07) 8384444. All key deposits (where charged) for the access to these areas are fully refundable.
  • There are 1,300 bike racks on campus.
  • Covered bike racks:
  • Hillcrest side of K Block
  • Hillcrest side of I Block
  • ITS near courtyard entrance
  • between E & F Blocks
  • between E & D Blocks
  • between C & D Blocks


Wondering about where to tidy up after walking or riding to work? Showers are available throughout campus (make sure you have access first!):

Building Location Comments
A Block G.19
B Block 3.17 Unisex
D Block G.13
G.03 x 2
E Block G.03B Unisex
Facilities Management G.53 & G.32 Unisex
G Block B.03 Limited access, unisex - Key card available from Reception G.20
Grounds Workshop G.03A Unisex
ITS G.79 Unisex
Law G.08A Unisex
Large Scale Lab G.01 Unisex - Card access to building
J Block G.18 Unisex - Limited access - key locked
M Block (Student Centre) M.2.16
Unisex - Student Showers
MS8 (Waikato Management School) Men (G.13), Women (G.12) Limited access, via code
Performing Arts Men (1.46), Women (1.51)
1.39A, 1.42, 1.17, 1.41 Unisex
Limited access - building staff, classes, performers.
R Block Men (2.01), Women (2.03)  
RS1 (Ruakura Campus) G.07 Unisex
Sports & Recreation Centre Ground floor Must have membership to access
Faculty of Education (TL) 3.07 Unisex
Faculty of Education (TG) Men (1.01), Women (1.11) Near gymnasium - 4 showers each location
Te Timatanga Hou (TTH2) G.09 Unisex
UL2 G.01 Unisex