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Why is the University now charging for parking?

The charges help cover the cost of supply and maintenance of parking areas, manage the demand for parking, and encourage staff and students to consider more sustainable ways of getting to campus. Read the VC’s statement for more information.

Timing, cost and payment

What hours do I have to pay for parking?

Paid parking applies Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm, (excluding public holidays). Outside these times parking is free, however you cannot park in a Numbered/Named (reserved) park at ANY TIME - these are reserved for the permit-holder at all times.

What does parking cost?

Parking costs a flat rate of $2 a day, or $6 for a week, payable at the silver Pay-by-Plate machines in the General Parking areas in Gates 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b or 10. Students also have the option of paying up-front for the current/upcoming semester (A and B only) for only $60 a semester, also payable at the machines (requires a current student ID). Purchasing the weekly or semester concession does not guarantee you a parking space on your return if the carparks are full.

There are some existing short-term visitor parking areas at Gates 1 and 5. These parks use the blue coin-operated Pay & Display machines and are designed for short-term parking only (2.5 hours max).

Is there a discounted student rate for parking?

Yes, as above, students can buy a discounted parking concession at $60 for a semester (A and B only). If purchased at the beginning of the semester, this is the cheapest parking option for students, giving up to 18 weeks of paid parking for less than a cup of coffee each week. The semester concession is payable at the machine and requires a current student ID number. The semester parking concession doesn’t guarantee you a parking spot on your return if the carparks are full but does heavily subsidise the daily/weekly cost. The semester option is only available to current students enrolled at the University of Waikato and is not applicable to staff members. See staff parking options.

How do I pay for parking?

Silver payment machines are stationed at all General Parking areas and accept coin or EFTPOS (depending on the machine) as well as credit/debit card and Paywave (all machines).

a. Enter your licence plate number
b. Select tariff option:
- $2 for a day (24hrs from purchase time)
- $6 for a week (7 calendar days)
- $60 for a semester (A and B only)
c. Enter your student ID number (semester concession only)
d. Select payment method
e. Select if you want a receipt (not needed for proof of payment)

With Pay-by-Plate, there’s no need to display a ticket on your dash - you just pay and walk away. Your licence plate number is proof that you've paid. If you pay for a concession (week or semester) it is recommended to print and keep your receipt, as this gives you the time and date that your payment period expires.

How long does my parking payment last for?

If you pay the daily rate of $2, your tariff expires 24 hours from the time of purchase; so if you buy it at midday for example, you are paid-up until midday the following day. The weekly concessions last for seven consecutive days from time of purchase; so if you by it on a Wednesday morning it will expire at the same time the following Wednesday morning.

The semester concessions (A and B only) have a fixed expiry date, so the early you buy it, the more you save. These expire at the end of the Semester (including exam weeks), so you will need to purchase separate daily or weekly permits if you come to campus during the mid-semester break, or purchase the B Semester permit, which is available for purchase straight after A Semester exams finish.

How does Pay-by-Plate work?

Vehicle licence plate numbers that are entered into the parking machines are registered in a database that is monitored by number plate recognition software. A monitoring vehicle then scans all the number plates in the parking area and matches those against the database to ensure car parks have been paid for. Pay-by-Plate means drivers don’t have to walk back and forth from the payment machines to their cars to display a ticket. However it means for those buying a concession, it is not transferrable between cars (i.e you can’t lend it to other people) without formally changing your licence plate number with UniSafe (Security).

How many payment machines are there and where are they located?

There are a total of 15 payment machines spread over the General Parking areas in Gates 1, 2a and 2b (off Knighton Road), and Gates 3a, 3b and 10 (off Silverdale Road). There is a higher density of machines in high-demand areas such at Gates 1 and 10.

What if I purchase a concession and change cars/licence plate numbers?

You must update your licence plate number by visiting UniSafe (Security). For enquiries please email

If I pay for parking and then leave campus, do I have to pay again if I come back later that day?

No you don’t have to pay again because under Pay-by-Plate your vehicle's licence plate will still be registered. However, this does not guarantee you a park when you return.

Does paying guarantee me a park?

If you’re just parking for the day, you’ll only need to pay once you’ve found a park. If you’ve purchased a weekly or semester parking concession, this doesn’t guarantee you a park if the carparks are full.

What if there’s a power cut, will the payment machines still work?

Yes the payment machines will still work during a power outage as they are solar powered and use the 3G network to send data to Security.

Parking areas, visitors and halls residents

What areas are students and visitors allowed to park in?

Students and visitors can park in any of the General Parking areas in Gates 1, 2a and 2b (off Knighton Road), and Gates 3a, 3b and 10 (off Silverdale Road) and pay at any of the silver payment machines.

There are also a small number of short-term visitor parking areas at Gates 1 and 5. These areas use the blue coin-operated Pay & Display machines and are designed for short-term parking only (2.5 hours max). These parks are not for all-day parking, but are ok if you are running late of have an appointment.

I am a halls resident, where can I park on campus during the day?

Halls of Residence students have the option of buying a Halls parking permit for $120 a year, or $60 a semester (A and B only). The Halls permit allows you to park your vehicle in Halls resident-only parking areas nearer to your Halls of Residence.

To purchase a Halls permit, see your Hall Manager or visit the Accommodation Office on campus. Your Halls parking permit needs to be displayed inside your vehicle's windscreen at all times, on the passenger's side above the registration label. A sticker pocket is provided.

Do visitors need to pay for parking?

Visitors to the Hamilton campus on official University business do not need to pay to park in the visitor parking areas, provided they have obtained a visitor permit from the reception area they’re visiting, or have a named sandwich-board sign in front of their park at all times.

Do I need to pay for parking if I’m going to the gym, chapel or attending a daytime event?

Visitors coming to the Hamilton campus to attend events or use the gym will need to pay the appropriate fees if they park in the General Parking areas during paid parking hours (between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday) or they may choose to park off campus. The UniRec does have a small number of customer parking spaces available for daytime users, provided they have obtained a permit from the UniRec reception and displayed it on their dash. These parking spaces are not for staff and students to use.

Is there anywhere I can park for free?

There is no free parking available on the Hamilton campus, unless you are a visitor and have a visitor permit or have had a sandwich board sign arranged. The only free parking is on the streets surrounding the University, however these are monitored by the Hamilton City Council so please be aware of time limits.

Outside of paid parking hours, can I park in the staff parking areas?

Outside the hours of 8.30am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday, you may park in the staff (Licence to Hunt) parking areas if you need to, however you cannot park in any Numbered/Named (reserved) parks at any time - these are reserved for permit-holders at all times.

Do I have to pay for parking if I’m a registered Ridelink permit holder?

RideLink is preferential parking only, it is not free. RideLink permit holders have access to reserved, preferential parking areas closer to the campus centre, but still need to pay for parking. However, as RideLink is about ride sharing, this cost can be shared among your passengers. To take advantage of this, you must comply with the RideLink requirements and display a current RideLink permit.

Enrolment parking; will there be a parking area set aside for students to enrol?

During A and B Semester enrolment weeks, students coming to the Hamilton campus to enrol will be provided with visitor parks in Gate 5 by the Gateway building. If that parking area is full you’ll need to park on the street or pay to park in one of the General Parking areas.

If I am a student and work at the University, do I qualify for a staff parking permit?

Generally, casual staff do not qualify for a staff parking permit. But you will need to review the eligibility criteria or see your work supervisor.

I have an injury but don’t qualify for a CCS disability card; can I park in an accessible (disability) park anyway?

If you do not qualify for a CCS Disability card or a temporary disability card from the Student Services Disability support office then you cannot park in an accessible parking space. Check your eligibility or register here.

Do I need to pay to park my motorcycle?

Motorcycle parking is free, however motorcyclists must comply with the parking regulations and only park in the designated areas provided. If a motorcyclist decides to park their motorcycle in a vehicle parking space they must pay the appropriate parking fee.

What if I tow a trailer to campus for the day?

If you take up more than one parking space, you will need to register the second vehicle’s number plate and pay twice.

Alternative Transport

What alternative means of transport are there?

People who live close to the Hamilton campus are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible/practical. The University has many bike racks on campus and secure lockable storage is available. There are multiple bus services that come to campus and students can now get a subsidised bus fare (see more below). People can also carpool and obtain preferential parking via RideLink. More information is available on the Getting to Campus page.

Will buses be made cheaper for students?

Yes. Thanks to an agreement with the Waikato Regional Council, University of Waikato staff and students will receive an additional 30% subsidy on their bus fare when using a BUSIT card, starting in A Semester 2017. The standard BUSIT card fare of $2.40 per trip is already discounted from the single cash fare of $3.30. With the additional subsidy, students will only pay $1.70 per trip. Read more about the subsidy.

Is there going to be more secure bike storage on campus?

Yes, the University has recently installed new bike lockers on the ground level of C block, at the rear facing R block, and at I block (near the FASS reception), along with modification to the CCTV security system to improve security generally around bike areas. Students who wish to gain swipe card access to these new lockers, or any of the bike storage facilities on campus (under L block and under G block), should visit the Security office to have that access added to their existing ID card.

If I bike or walk to campus, are there changing rooms/shower facilities for me to use?

There are already shower facilities for general use on the campus and as new buildings are added or significant refurbishment occurs, more showers will be added. Additionally, consideration will be given to installation of lockers for storage of clothes, etc. by cyclists and others.

Penalties and security

Who monitors the parking?

UniSafe (Security) monitor parking. For enquiries please call 07 838 4444 or email

What happens if I don’t pay for parking or park in a permit-only park?

You run the risk of having your vehicle wheel-clamped. The fee to have the clamp removed is $50. This includes parking on yellow lines, on grassed areas, in staff-permit or Halls-permit areas, or not paying to park. If you park in a Numbered/Named (reserved) park and get clamped the penalty is $100 for the removal of a wheel clamp. As is currently the case, multiple infringements by the same person/vehicle will likely result in being towed away.

Can students working afterhours get parking closer to buildings in safer, well lit areas?

After 4.30pm, students can move their vehicles closer to buildings, as long as they obey the parking regulations and ensure they are only occupying a visitor park or in the staff parking areas but not in a Numbered/Named (reserved) park. UniSafe (Security) provides, on request, a service to escort people to their vehicles – please call 07 838 4444, or extn 4444 from a University phone. The University checks lighting levels at least annually, and adds additional lighting or trims trees to ensure light levels are maintained.