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The Parking Service exists to ensure that the University parking areas, roads, footpaths etc, are used in accordance with safe parking practice, as well as providing a number of specific services as listed below.

The Parking Service is coordinated by the Security Manager, Ray Hayward. Parking is contactable by email, phone extension 6006, fax [07] 838 4935.

Information for users of the Waikato University Campus parking facilities:


The Parking Service:

  • Getting to Campus: Information for staff, students and visitors about parking areas, what it will cost and how to pay.

  • Manages the allocation of Staff Parking Permits (applied for via Aku Mahi), which all permanent staff are entitled, and required to display, to indicate the right to park in Permit Parking areas.

  • Provides an adhoc "sandwich board" notice service for visitor parking, maintenance closures, special events, conferences and directional signage.

    Notification of such requests must be received at least 1 working day prior to the event, all details can be recorded by using the form highlighted above.

    All these request forms are sent to automatically.

  • Provides a general parking management service for one off events such as Graduation. There may be a charge for any costs incurred.

  • Manages the Campus parking facilities and ensures compliance with safe parking practice, in designated parking areas. This includes taking the action of either wheel-clamping or tow-away, where vehicles are parked incorrectly. The fee for wheel-clamp removal is $50 (GST inclusive) if parked in LTH or General Parking areas, or $100 (GST inclusive) if parked in a Reserved Numbered park. The fee is payable at the Finance counter, TSR (The Gateway); or at Security Services Centre B Annex.

  • Ensures road and parking signage is maintained in an appropriate manner.

  • Advises on policy concerning the provision of parking spaces, funding, and methods of parking allocation.


RideLink Preferential Parking: 

Fewer cars coming to campus means less parking traffic making more spaces available for campus users. This will also reduce the cost for car park maintenance and construction, making more funds available to go into areas such as car park security initiatives. The University encourages students and staff to consider alternative transportation to campus that is easier on the environment, including ridesharing. For other options for getting to campus, see the Alternative Transportation page on the Environment website. 

For those that share rides to campus, the University has provided preferential parking in Gate 1 near ITS/Chapel Lake and in Gate 10 next to the NIWA building and close to the Waikato Management School. These carpark spaces are labeled as reserved for registered RideLink rideshares.

To be eligible for RideLink parking, you must share a ride to campus with at least one other person. If you already have someone to ride with, simply register free of charge at the Security Services Centre B Annex. If you are looking for someone to rideshare with, take advantage of the RideLink website. RideLink is a web-based system for matching University students or staff for either regular ridesharing or one-off trips like going home for the holidays.

All people wishing to get preferential rideshare parking must register with the RideLink parking permit system at the Security Services Centre B Annex.

To contact us please refer to Security & Parking Staff Contact.