A message from Jim Bolger

Jim Bolger
Throughout my life, I have been a strong supporter of education. Travelling the world as Prime Minister and then as Ambassador to the US, I witnessed firsthand how education can transform people and nations.

Since becoming Chancellor of the University of Waikato, I have grown extremely proud of what the University has achieved in a relatively short time period.

Waikato alumni are making their mark here in New Zealand and globally. As Chancellor, I have been privileged to publicly recognize several who have distinguished themselves. Others serve as leaders in major international corporations, teach at respected universities and schools, work as scientists, government officials, entrepreneurs, lawyers, performing artists and athletes.

The staff and students have also done us proud. Waikato has earned top national rankings for Management, Computing, Education, Music and numerous subjects in Science. The University is working to advance innovation and teaching, especially in the broad domain of sustainability, and makes an enormous contribution to the national and regional economy.

The University of Waikato has a distinctive and vital role to play in the tertiary education sector in New Zealand. Based on its track record so far, I am confident Waikato - its alumni, staff and students – will go on to realise even greater achievements.

I am proud to be a part of the University of Waikato and I invite you to join me in supporting its excellence.

With my very best wishes,

Jim Bolger

Rt Hon. Jim Bolger ONZ
Chancellor, The University of Waikato 
and Trustee, The University of Waikato Foundation

Former New Zealand Prime Minister and Ambassador to the United States