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About The University

The University of Waikato owes its existence to the vision and tenacity of a small group of Hamiltonians who believed passionately in a university to serve the region and New Zealand. The foresight and dedication they brought to the task laid the foundations for the philanthropic support which has helped the University of Waikato to become one of New Zealand’s leading universities.

Waikato is committed to delivering a world-class education and research portfolio, providing a university experience which is distinctive in character, and pursuing strong international links to advance knowledge.

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Contributing to the Region

Waikato River

Waikato University sits at the heart of a strong regional economy and we are proud to play a dynamic role. In 2011 the University contributed a massive $770 million, or 4.4% of economic output, to the core Waikato region. Spending by the University generated $836 million in the New Zealand economy overall. Waikato University has approximately 13,000 students and 1500 staff. Every dollar generated by its operations resulted in another $1.22 of flow-on revenue across the core Waikato economy while every job at the University generates another 0.65 jobs in the rest of New Zealand – 88% of them in the core Waikato economy. Hamilton-based students spent an estimated $130 million in addition to their university fees and accommodation. In Tauranga, the University is directly responsible for creating 50 jobs in the city and students spent a further $4.3 million. It is also worth noting the scientific contribution core Waikato makes nationally. The University is an integral part of this science community and together with Ruakura Research Centre and CRIs, it contributes 14% to the New Zealand economy with just 5.8% of New Zealand’s population.”

We also have a growing impact and strong commitment in the Bay of Plenty region where our second teaching and research facility at Tauranga has been active for a decade. Tauranga is now New Zealand’s fifth largest and fastest growing city and we are pleased to be working in partnership with the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic to develop programmes, degrees and research that are regionally focussed. We take pride in the extent to which we reflect and serve the strengths and interests of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. We recognise that future economic growth and wealth depend heavily on the educational success of the people, and the creation of knowledge to drive innovation.

Supporting Education


Education has become a highly competitive, global business and at the University of Waikato we benchmark ourselves against the best in the world. The currency of our qualifications and our reputation internationally are of paramount importance. Many of the great universities in Europe and the USA have been built on a solid foundation of philanthropy and now, more than ever, the University of Waikato needs your support.

We have invested more than $48 million in a capital programme designed to enhance student learning. While the University is publicly funded, private investment is critical if we are to continue to deliver excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, and provide world-class facilities for future generations of students. Traditional sources of funding fall far short of the levels of strategic investment required to achieve our vision of serving the interests of the region and delivering international excellence.

A gift from you will help us to prepare the leaders of tomorrow - highly trained global citizens with the skills to contribute to New Zealand’s future and to take new ideas to the world. As we enhance our international excellence, and the peer esteem of the University, the value of qualifications from this University are increased irrespective of when they were obtained.

We value very highly your support to make the University of Waikato a truly world-class university.

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