The glocal teacher

"Glocalization" is a process whereby a product or service is specifically adapted to each locality or culture in which it occurs. it describes new outcomes of local conditions towards global pressures. At a 1997 conference on :Globalization and Indigenous Culture" sociologist Roland Robertson said that glocalization "means the simultaneity -- the co-presence -- of both universalizing and particularizing tendencies." (

The Centre for Educational Research, Bergen University College, Norway, held a 5 year jubilee conference: "The Glocal Teacher. Policy, Theory and Practice", 5-6 June at Landas, Bergan.

Education and teaching needs pupils and society able to deal with future challenges which are both of global and local character. The relation between the global and local can be described as a "Glocal" perspective.

Both Prof Besley and Prof Peters were keynote speakers at the conference. Following the links made in Bergan, further work an publications such as 'The Glocal Teacher' a special issue of Policy Futures in Education (Forthcoming) are proceeding.

We visited our colleagues from the East China Normal University, Shanghai on October 2013 (Prof. Feng Daming, Executive Director of the Centre for Teaching Development, Prof. Yang Xiaowei & Prof. Huang Zhongjing, Assistant Director of the Institute of Schooling Reform and Development). We enjoyed hosting ShiFei (Sophia) an ECNU Masters student researching 'comparative Study between Chinese and Foreign Educational Websites' during Semester A 2014.