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Maintaining Bank Account Details

You must always have a default bank account into which your salary and any other payments will be paid. It is your responsibility to keep the details of this account up to date and accurate. Make certain you double check details before you Update as incorrect information will mean that your pay may not be processed as expected. Always check that the payment has been made to a new account on the expected date if a change has been made and contact HRM Division if you have any problems.

Select the Bank Accounts menu item. To change your bank account details simply click on the Edit link under Action in the list provided, then change the details on the next screen.

image1If you know the bank and branch identification number (6 digits long) then simply type it into the field and the system will match your value with the look-up value and return the correct Bank name when you update. Alternatively Bank & Branch# is a look-up field (i.e. all the values have been preset), so you can also use the Script Prompt utility which pops up when you select the drop down box next to the Bank & Branch# field to locate your bank and branch identification number. To use this utility simply type the first few letters of your bank's name (e.g. BNZ, ANZ, ASB, Nat, etc.) in front of the % wildcard character and click OK to display the results and scroll through the list to find your branch.



The database requires the Account# & Suffix field to be entered as 10 digits (even if your bank only uses 9). This is because many banks are now using 3 digits for the Suffix code. To ensure you enter the code correctly count the number of digits in the part of your bank account number which follows the Bank & Branch# identified earlier. If there are 10 digits then simply enter them and continue to the next field and enter the Account Name as shown on your bank account statements, deposit slip or cheque book. If there are only 9 digits then you need to insert a 0 (zero) in front of the final two digits (e.g. if the suffix is 00 then it becomes 000, if it is 01 it becomes 001, etc.). Please check this carefully. Contact HRM on extension 4003 (07) 838 4003 from outside the campus phone system) or email [email protected] if you have any problems or need further clarification.


Fixed Amount and Percentage Amount fields should be left empty.

Warning! Always Log Out, close the browser completely or lock your computer when you have finished using any secure area of the University system since access to this facility could allow others to change your details – including bank account number!