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Cancelling Leave Bookings

If the request has been approved then select the Leave History menu item. A link named Cancel Leave will be displayed in the Cancel Previous Bookings  column once the leave history has been queried.



Action the reversal by selecting the Cancel Leave link and then confirming the action warning message. The Cancellation will be directed to your line manager for approval through the standard notification/approval process. Once the cancellation has been approved it must be deleted through the Pending Transactions menu (refer to Pending Transactions details).

Note that cancellation of leave can cause some adjustment to payroll records.

If there is any problem with a Leave Booking (e.g. available leave exceeds the leave requested) a Warning! will be posted when the Whole or Part Day Leave Request is made indicating what the issue is. At this point a Reverse Leave Booking button will appear which can be selected to cancel the booking before the request is sent to your line manager. Note that this message will also display when you attempt to book accrued leave.

Please read the Leave Policy and your employment agreement carefully to be aware of entitlements and local provisions. Contact your HRM Advisor if you need assistance or clarification.