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Viewing Employment Details

On the Employment link on the My HR tab you will find an Employment Details menu item which opens a screen where you may select the date range for the current Job to view details for a specified period of time. Note that the HRM database only holds information from 1997 onward.


Use the calendar utility provided to select dates if necessary, or simply select the Click Here button to accept the default dates which display all details for the current Job.

Note that the current Job can be changed by first selecting the My Details  menu item on the left hand side of the screen and choosing the Historical icon from a list (only appropriate for staff who have held, or currently hold, more than one Job at the University of Waikato).  Refer Changing to Another Job instructions.

The current Job number is displayed at the top of the screen (under the Person name).


Changes to the selected Job are listed in date order with most recent changes at the top. The Commence Reason column gives a brief reason for changes made over time. Click on the Active From date link to view details for the Job at the date specified.


This screen allows you to view Salary at the specified date, Employment Agreement details (CEA = Collective Employment Agreement, IEA = Individual Employment Agreement), Classification on the relevant salary scale, Nominal Hours of work, Full Time Percentage and more. Contact your HR Advisor if you need any clarification of details shown.