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Processing Leave Transaction Approvals

If there are leave requests from any of your team members awaiting your approval you will receive an email notification and a message link when you first open Āku Mahi.

Select the link to open the Approve Transaction screen.  The type of transaction being approved will show as a heading above the Approval Status (in the example, approval is needed for a leave cancellation).


To approve the leave request simply select the radio button in the Approve column of the list of transactions and then click the Update Transaction List button to process.  Select the employee name link to view employee’s leave comments or add one of your own, or for approving/rejecting if the radio button is greyed out on this screen.



Use the Approval Status field to Approve, Reject or Escalate the request and the Comments field to indicate why a request is being rejected (staff member sees the comment) or escalated (the next level manager sees the comments).

Escalate forwards the request to the next level manager. Any requests which are not processed within 7 calendar days will escalate automatically.

If you change the Approval Status to Deferred so you can discuss with the staff member, you may wish to enter a new Reactivated Date for approval purposes (to allow time for discussion). 

If there are any problems with the leave request then the Approve radio button may not be available. In this instance you should click on the team member name link in the Name column to view the associated Warning! message.

Please read the Leave Policy and the employment agreement carefully to be aware of entitlements and local provisions. Contact your HRM Advisor if you need assistance or clarification.