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Parking Permit Deductions

Commencing Deduction

The Parking Permit Deduction Authority will appear on your favourites menu. If you have customised your favourites menu select the My HR tab, Payroll Details, Parking Permit Deduction Authority.

Select Add new Deduction record. For those registering for parking in 2015 the first deduction will commence in 2016 when paid parking commences. You are encouraged to register now.


From the Deduction drop down select the type of parking you require. Parking – LTH or Parking – Numbered. Refer to the Parking Frequently Asked Questions link for further information. Note no end date is required unless you wish to cease the deduction. If you are on a fixed term employment agreement no end date is required.

NB Please visit the FMD Parking Information web page for further information about different types of parking permit (pay and display, license to hunt (LTH), or an individual numbered parking space).


The Start date will default to the first date of the current pay period. Deductions cannot be proportional within a pay period.


Ending a Deduction

If you wish to end your parking permit deduction authority select edit


Select End date drop down box then select the pay period end date. Deductions cannot be enddated in advance.


Select the Pay End Date


Select Update


To select a different parking option

By design the form will not cater for multiple types of current parking deductions (Eg LTH and Numbered in same pay period), please make an informed decision but if you wish to change your choice please contact payroll services who can guide you through the steps.

Do you have multiple roles?

To assist those staff that have more than one job, Payroll  Services will ensure that proportionate deductions will be maintained against each role. Note combined these will not exceed the thresholds.

If you would like to understand how to manage multiple jobs within Āku Mahi for parking, leave or viewing information; please contact Payroll Services who will be able to assist further.