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Payroll Giving Deductions

This feature can be accessed from the My HR – Payroll DetailsDeductions and allows you to make a regular payroll donation to the University of Waikato Foundation (  You only have View access to other deductions. To change other deduction types (such as membership fees for Staff Associations/ Unions) you should contact Payroll services.


Select Add new Deduction record to create your Payroll Giving deduction.

The Detail will default to your lowest numbered current Job number (usually 01) and you normally do not need to change this.

From the Deduction drop down list select DPG – UOW Foundation Payroll Giving (which is the only deduction option able to be edited).

Enter the fortnightly pay Deduction Amount you wish to give (as a number only – i.e. no $ symbol). Note that if this fortnightly amount is less than $5 then you will be unable to claim a tax rebate for your donations.

Optionally you may limit the amount you wish to give by entering the numeric value in the Expires after Total Amount field, or by entering an End Date for the deduction. Once this limit or end date has been reached then the deduction will cease.

Select the drop down list arrow next to Start Date to be able to select the start date of the next fortnightly pay period from the calendar.

The Reference field is not necessary as DPG – UOW Foundation Payroll Giving will appear on your payslip. Any text you enter will appear in the main View Deductions screen, but has no other functionality in this context.

Select the Insert button to complete your deduction setup.


At this point you can change any details which you have entered incorrectly and Update, select another menu option, or exit Āku Mahi.

Editing or Ceasing a Payroll Giving Deduction


Select Edit if you want to change the Deduction Amount or add an Expires after Total Amount value.

Select Cease if you want to stop the deduction immediately. Use the drop down arrow next to the End Date field to select the correct current payroll end date (in the same way you select the Start Date above).


Select Update to confirm the End Date.

Note that you cannot use Add new Deduction record for any new deduction of the same type as a deduction which already appears in the list. Use the Edit function instead if you wish to increase your fortnightly deduction amount.