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Viewing Your Team List

image1The My Team tab has a Team Details link which gives you a Current Employee Detail Snapshot menu item. This displays a Current Employee Detail Snapshot which lists your current team.  

Selecting any field in an employee row will show the Current Employment Details Snapshot for that individual below the main list.





The view can be altered to your preference by either dragging and dropping column headings (e.g. Job No) so that their order changes or by selecting the View dropdown, then Columns and ticking or unticking to add or remove the detail as preferred.





Team members can also be viewed In Context (i.e. viewed as the individual team member).To do this you
will need to use the My Details panel. Select the arrow next to My Details heading to open up the panel. 


image4 Click the arrow next to your name to bring up team list, then click the arrow next to the row of the team member you want to view in context. Once you have selected a team member click on the Set My View icon, when you select any of the Personal Information menu items or Leave Details menu items you can view that individual’s details.

You will be unable to change the individual’s Job (if they hold more than one) since only the details pertaining to the role which reports to you may be viewed.

Note the (In Context) heading while in this view mode.

After viewing an individual’s details you can return to your own team leader context by either clicking back on your name in My Details or the ‘Clear Team Member View’ button  image6 located in the top section of the My Details panel.