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Approving a Timesheet

Online timesheets need to be approved so that those staff on timesheets are paid.  When a staff member submits a timesheet you will receive an email notification containing a link to Āku Mahi.  On entry to Āku Mahi you will see a notification link if there are any timesheets waiting for your approval.


Select the link to see these records and you will get the Approve Requests table.  To approve the timesheet simply select the radio button in the Approve column of the list of transactions and then click the Update Transaction List button to process.


If you wish to see more details about the timesheet click on the staff member’s name, which is the link in the Name column.  The details of hours worked will be displayed in a new window.



In this view you can approve, reject and/or add comments for the staff member.  To complete the process select Update Transaction List.  This will send an email to the staff member advising them that the timesheet has been approved or rejected.  Reset Approval Status will return the timesheet to the status of submitted.