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Submitting a Timesheet - Casual Staff


Also see Timesheet Bookings for Public Holidays to view special instructions where a public holiday falls on a day you normally work.

Note: The Approver will normally be your Supervisor.
Please do not use SAFARI - it is not a supported browser.

Under My HR you will find Timesheets where you can create a timesheet for the pay period in question. 


Enter in a start date for the pay period. You can either enter the date directly in the format 01/08/2013 or use the date picker.  Either will give you the start date in correct format as shown.


Once you have selected the start date for the fortnight you have worked click Find Employee Jobs and select the relevant job.





Use the date picker to enter the date of the day you worked or manually enter the date in the correct format (e.g. 01/08/2013).

Select your start and finish times using the drop down menu. You can manually enter your start and end time, however you need to use 24 hour notation and no decimal point or a colon to indicate minutes (e.g. 1330 for 1.30pm).  If you use decimal points the system will work out the amount after the decimal point as a fraction of the hour i.e.13.30 becomes 13:18, 13.50 becomes 13:30 so your pay could be less than what it should be.


In the Break column you will need to enter the length of any breaks you have taken. Note: The length of your break should be either a fraction of the hour i.e. 0.25  = 15 minutes or entered as per start and end time i.e. 0015 = 15 minutes. If you did not have a break enter 0. The Hours column will automatically calculate the hours worked for the day.

There will only be one code to select in the Pay Code column (which is ORD). The last column Activity is not required by the University but may be required by your Faculty or Division to capture information for their internal reporting.


  1. You can if you wish use the C (copy) or D (delete) buttons to copy or delete rows you have entered.
  2. At any stage you can save and come back later either to enter more data or save and submit.

Once you have entered all the hours you have worked you will need to send your timesheet for approval. At the bottom of the screen you will find a drop down menu Timesheet to be approved by this will bring up another window for you to choose the approver. Once the list of approvers is visible click on the appropriate Person Id to select.


If this is your final pay please note this in the text box provided.


Once you have selected the approver you are ready to Save and Submit. At any time you can Save and return at a later date to finish the process and submit.
Once you have submitted your timesheet you will be notified on screen if you have been successful.


If for any reason you are not successful, or for further assistance please email [email protected].