It's all about balance! We know that not worrying about fees and costs can make study and the university experience a whole lot more enjoyable. To help you achieve your potential at Te Huataki Waiora, our School scholarships are listed below.

There are also many other University-wide scholarships and, of course, The University of Waikato's Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship programme. You can use the Scholarships Finder for a more comprehensive list of the scholarships available.

GymAware Research Award

Closing date: 26 Apr 2019

For students studying either a masters by thesis or a doctoral degree in the Faculty of Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato. The Award supports postgraduate research degree students to investigate specific areas of strength and conditioning such as load-velocity profiling and the use of feedback to enhance performance.

RHT Bates Postgraduate Scholarship

Closing date: 01 Sep 2018

At the time of application students must be engaged in postgraduate studies (honours, masters or doctorate). Students in their final year of undergraduate study are ineligible to apply. See application for more eligibility criteria.

University of Waikato Disability Sport and Active Recreation Doctoral Scholarship

Closing date: 12 Jul 2019

This Scholarship consists of three connected doctoral projects intended to promote different perspectives in supporting and enhancing sport and active recreation provision for disabled people. Project 2 - Enhancing Coach Learning and Development Systems in Disability Sport and Project 3 - Athlete Welfare in Para Sport are still available.