Professor Ross A Lawrenson

Ross Lawrenson

Professor of Population Health, Medical Research Centre

Qualifications: MBBS; MD; DRCOG; Dip.Comm Health(Otago);FP Cert; DHMSA; FAFPHM; FFPH;FRCGP

About Ross

Ross is Professor of Population Health at the University of Waikato and Population Advisor, Strategy, Investment and Transformation, Waikato District Health Board.   He is a Board member for PHARMAC.

Ross was originally a General Practitioner in Wairoa before moving to the Waikato where he trained as a public health physician.

From 2005 he worked for the University of Auckland before joining the University of Waikato in 2016.   His research has been on improving health care outcomes through primary care.  He has undertaken research in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer – publishing more than 200 papers

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

My teaching activities include teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, course development and course management.

HELTH201-21A - Epidemiology and Bio-statistics

In trimester A I taught an undergraduate paper to provide students with basic understanding of the techniques and uses of epidemiology in preventing poor health, health planning and evaluation. The course will introduce students to basic epidemiological and statistical methods and how these are applied. A particular focus will be the role of epidemiology in the New Zealand context, and the application of epidemiological principles to support health equity for Māori, Pacific and other population groups.

I have taught undergraduate medical students for more than 20 year at Charing Cross, Imperial College and the University of Auckland. At the University of Waikato I have taught into the Population Health and Sociology programs.

I have regularly supervised research students at honours, masters and doctoral levels.   I am currently supervising 2 Foxley Fellowships and 3 PhD students.

Current PhD/MD Students

2021  Noel Watson, University of Waikato

2020  Kimberley Norman, Exploring the Lived Experiences and Barriers to Obesity Healthcare in Rural Waikato Communities from General Practitioner and Community Member Perspectives.  University of Waikato

2019  Sandrine Charvin-Fabre, Homelessness and access palliative care in NZ.  University of Waikato

Current Masters of Health Students / Fellows

2020  Ryan Paul, Foxley Fellowship, University of Waikato

2019  Rawiri Keenan, Cultural Competence and Equity focussed activities in Primary Care.  Foxley Fellowship, University of Waikato

Previous PhD/MD Students

2019  Chloe Corbett, Factors determining ethnic differences in lung cancer survival outcomes in the Midland region.  University of Auckland

2019  Jesse Whitehead, Geographical access to GP services in the Waikato DHB.  University of Waikato

2018  Garry Nixon, Improving Access to Diagnostic Testing for Rural Communities in Aotearoa/NZ.  University of Otago (MD)

2018  Janet Amey – The rising demand for health care: The sustainability of community general practice in the Waikato.  University of Waikato

2017  Melissa Edwards, The influence of comorbidity on breast cancer care and outcomes in NZ.  University of Auckland

2017  Alice Wang - Effects of androgen deprivation therapy on bone health in New Zealand men with prostate cancer: Can nutrient intake modulate these effects?  University of Auckland

2016   Chunhuan Lao – Economic evaluation of screening and treatment for prostate cancer in the Midland Cancer Network region in New Zealand.  University of Auckland

2016  Sanjeewa Seneviratne,  Ethnic differences in breast cancer outcomes in Aotearoa NZ.  University of Auckland

2015  Zuzana Obertova,  The epidemiology and management of prostate cancer.  University of Auckland

2013  Jane Morgan, Chlamydia trachomatis infection in New Zealand.  University of Auckland (MD)

2012  Paul Timmings, Investigation of Change in EEG Photoparoxysmal Response as a marker of Anti Epilepsy Drug Efficacy: Modelled in Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy with Sodium Valproate and Lamotrigine.  University of Auckland (MD)

2011  Steven Lillis,  Use of diagnostic schema for mental health in general practice.  University of Auckland

2011  Veronique Gibbons,  Epidemiology of Thyroid disease.  University of Auckland

2010  Grace Joshy,  Linking databases to monitor and improve diabetes care.  University of Auckland

2008 Henri Mulnier  Mortality and cardiovascular outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes.  University of Surrey

2008  Jill Shawe,  Contraceptive practice of women with diabetes.  University of Surrey

2006  Anna Brackenridge, A comparison of pioglitazone and rosiglitazone on lipid profiles.  University of Surrey

2005 Tyrone Carpenter, Endometriosis.  University of Surrey

Previous Masters of Health Students / Fellows

2017  Ahmed Ali, Radiotherapy and cardiovascular health of women with breast cancer.  University of Auckland (Honours BSc)

2015  Claire O’Shea, Diabetic foot disease.  University of Auckland (MHealSc)

2014  Poornima Nair, Patient Web Portals: Use and Impact.  University of Auckland (MGP)

2012  Fraser Hodgson, PSA testing in General Practice. Journal of Primary Health Care.  University of Auckland (MGP)

2011  Rachel Thomson  University of Auckland (MGP)

2010  Andy Humphrey  University of Auckland (MHealSc)

2010  Richard Wall, Pertussis (whooping cough) epidemiology in Waikato, New Zealand: 2000-2009.  University of Auckland (MPH)

2009  Jo Scott-Jones, Standing orders extend rural nursing practice and patient access.  University of Auckland (MGP)

2006  Hayley Bennett  University of Auckland (MPH)

2007  Chandrakkanth Jayaraman  University of Bath (MSc Informatics)

2003 Imran Rafi  University of St Georges, London (MSc PH)

Previous Elective / Summer Students

2019  Christopher Mayo  - Summer studentship project ‘Metformin Adherence in Waikato Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, and Association with HBA1C Levels’  (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020).  University of Waikato

2019 Josh Fellingham - Summer studentship project 'Lung cancer project designing a website for improving awareness of lung health' (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020).  University of Waikato

2019 Valentina Papa - Summer studentship project ‘The Role of the Microbiome in Women with Gestational Diabetes and its impact on both Mother and Child after Birth’.  (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020).  University of Waikato

2019  Nicola Paul - Summer studentship project ‘The Psychosocial Needs of Cancer Patients in the Waikato’ (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020).  University of Waikato

2019  Dong Hyn Kim, The prevalence of cancer in general practice; a pilot study.  University of Auckland (6th Year medical student, 10 week Elective)

2018  Christopher Mayo  - Summer studentship project on Referral pathways for Waikato CRC patients – data from dendrite (Nov 2018 to Feb 2019).  University of Waikato

2018  Neve McLean - Summer studentship project on diabetes (Nov 2018 to Feb 2019).  University of Waikato

2018  Brittany Ryan – Summer studentship project on Psychological Support Needs of Patients in the Waikato with Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer (Nov 2018 to Feb 2019).  University of Waikato

2018  Elaine del-Mundo-Ramos – Summer studentship project on Psychological Support Services by Breast Cancer Patients (Nov 2018 to Feb 2019– this student was funded by the Waikato DHB) University of Auckland

2018  Nicola Rowe, Community Engagement in General Practice the Waikato Region of NZ (6th Year medical student,10 week elective 27 May to 2 Aug 2018).  University of Flinders, Melbourne

2011  James Waetford, Palliative Care in Māori (funded by Waikato DHB).  University of Otago

2004  Tesa Porter, Barriers for Māori with diabetes. University of Otago

2007 V Naras, Epidemiology of thyroid disease.  University of Auckland

2006  Doran Hickey, Epidemiology of diabetes in children win the Waikato.   University of Auckland

Research Interests

With a background in general practice, public health and epidemiology my research interests are focussed on the interface between general practice and specialist health care.  I have a track record in using large general practice data sets initially in the field of pharmaco-epidemiology, then in the field of chronic disease management (diabetes, cardiovascular disease and thyroid disease) and over the last ten years I have principally been involved in research into cancer outcomes and the role of primary care in cancer.  This has included research into prostate cancer, breast cancer and more recently colorectal and lung cancer.  I am a member the Ca-PRI network  (The Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network) and a scientific advisor to PC4 (The Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group).  Much of my research has been in the field of health equity – particularly trying to better understand the drivers of inequity for Māori.  I have many years’ experience in working with Māori organisations and I have extensive links throughout the region and further afield. We have also researched inequities for rural populations and Pacific peoples. My research team uses a range of methodologies and is a very interdisciplinary group with expertise in statistics, health economics, qualitative research and kaupapa Māori methodologies.  We also have extensive links with clinical teams including specialist surgeons, physicians and oncologists within Waikato and the wider Midland Region.  We have active research links with the University of Auckland, the University of Otago and AUT and internationally with the University of Melbourne and Edinburgh.  Our medical research group’s aim is to support clinical research with our key partner Waikato DHB.  This includes our research into cancer, cardiovascular research (led by Professor Adam El Gamel), and diabetes research led by Dr Lynne Chepulis and Dr Ryan Paul. My group have published more than 50 peer reviewed publications since joining the University of Waikato and have brought in almost $4 million dollars of research funding. (see appendices: research publications and grants).

I have been a regular reviewer for a number of journals over the last six years including cancer journals such as the BMC Cancer, BMC Urology, British Journal of Cancer, Lancet Oncology, International Journal of Urology and Oncotarget and a number of primary care journals including the British Journal of General Practice, Family Practice, British Medical Journal, BMC Family Practice Journal etc.

Research publications

218 articles, 3 book/chapters. Google scholar H index 36, i10-index 104, total citations 6302 on 9 August 2021

Peer-reviewed original scientific research (articles and reviews)

  1. Nixon G, Whitehead J, Davie G, Fearnley D, Crengle S, de Graaf B, Smith M, Wakerman J, Lawrenson R. (in press). Developing the Geographic Classification for Health, a rural-urban classification for New Zealand health research and policy: A research protocol. Australian Journal of Rural Health.
  2. Norman K, Chepulis L, Burrows L, Lawrenson R. Adult obesity management in New Zealand general practice: a review.  Journal of Primary Healthcare. 2021 (accepted)
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