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Software, Systems & Applications

A variety of Corporate Apps are available for staff and students at the University of Waikato that are available on iWaikato. We also encourage installing certain Google Apps for editing and sharing of documents on your Android device or other Apps suitable for iOS.


MyWaikato is the new, mobile-friendly system for managing enrolments, enquiries, timetable, final grades, research progress, graduation, academic record and much more.

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Moodle is the centrally supported online teaching and learning platform of the University of Waikato where staff and students are able to access course materials, upload assignments and access other online resources.

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UniAccess is used to create a user/computer account or update/extend an existing user account. Users can also requet access to a Resource (staff/dept share).

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Computer SoftwarePC Software

Your computer consultant can help you install any program that you may require on your work PC. Most software needs a licence before they can be deployed, therefore it is important that you check that out before you install any applications.

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Free SoftwareFree Software

The University has been able to obtain licensed software that they have made available free for staff and enrolled students to download. Access will differ between staff & students and may differ for home use also.

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Google AppsGoogle Apps

Google Apps is a set of applications available for staff and students at our University eg. your Uni Gmail. Google also offers an online collaborative environment where you can create & share docs across most devices.

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iWaikato appsiWaikato Apps

The University offers a number of applications for Uni Staff available on iWaikato. These include Aku Mahi, Timesheets and more.

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Aku MahiAku Mahi

Aku Mahi is the place where you can view and update your personal information, view your payslips, submit time-sheets,notify or book leave.

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Webdrive is a university-wide solution that enables staff and students to access their home server share from anywhere. It allows the user to upload and download files, rename and delete them, and download as a .zip archive.

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EdLinked is no longer being used for teaching and learning, but it's still available so FEDU and HSHP students can access apps like the Practicum Database and Ethics Web Applications.

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MyWebMy Web

MyWeb is no longer being used for teaching and learning, but it’s still available so WMS students can access apps like the 499 Manager and MyPortfolio.

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Desktop BackupBackup

The Druva InSync Desktop Backup solution is a centralised solution for backing up University data residing on users' laptops and workstation computers. It automatically and unobtrusively backs up data on a user's laptop or workstation.

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Storage GuidelinesStorage Guidelines

The University investment in network storage resources is significant. Information on department shares, personal storage, backup and restore options for staff are outlined here.

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LD Self Service Log Your Own Ticket

The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own support tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check its status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


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