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Aku Mahi

What Is It?

Aku Mahi is the place where you can view and update your personal information, view your payslips, submit time-sheets, notify or book leave. There is a different portlet for staff and students and there are a few ways to access them.

Once your HR Contract has gone through your account needs to be set up in Payroll. If you are a new staff member it will depend on what stage this process is at as to whether you have access to iWaikato or just Aku Mahi. See troubleshooting below if you don't have access.

How Do I Access It?

Use a bookmark or Favourite. If you haven't set one up you may want to do that for next time.

Through iWaikato 

(only accessible once your HR Contract has gone through) :

  • Go to the Waikato Homepage 
  • Log in at the Staff + Student Login
  • Click on iWaikato (under Quick Links on the left)
  1. One for staff 
    • click on Aku Mahi (under Quick Links on the right)
    • Aku Mahi Staff 
    • found under Information About > Corporate Systems > Aku Mahi
    • akumahi_staff
  2. One for students
    • click on Aku Mahi (under Quick Links on the right)
    • Aku Mahi Student 
    • found under Information About > Student Services > Aku Mahi (Student)
    • akumahi_student

Through the Waikato Homepage 

(the way to go if you HR contract hasn't gone through yet):

  • Go to the Waikato Homepage
  • Log in at the Staff + Student Login
  • Scroll down to the 'Featured Topics' images (see below)
  • Click on the one labelled Aku Mahi (this will take you straight in to Aku Mahi)
  • Featured Topics

Aku Mahi Log In

If you get the Aku Mahi login page DO NOT LOG IN. You only need to log in to iWaikato then go straight into Aku Mahi through links as above. The login screen only appears if you logged out of it incorrectly previously and you have an old browser session. If you log in to that screen 3 times it will lock you out completely for 20 minutes.

Which Username Do I Use?

If you have both a staff and a student username you must access Aku Mahi using your staff username
If you only have a student username you must access Aku Mahi (Student) using your student username.


For access and related issues see Timesheets

If you require assistance for issues with your timesheets you should email Human Resource Management

Access Once You Have Left

Access to Aku Mahi will end (after 5.00 pm) the last day of your HR Contract. Any queries you have after then need to go to Human Resource Management

Help Files

Check out the Aku Mahi Guidebook for information on your own details and if you are staff with management responsibilities you will also see Team Leader/Manager Help.


If you don't have access:

Clear the cache in your browser and try again

If you still don't have access:

  • HR haven't entered your details into Payroll (check with HR)
  • Your HR Contract has not been entered by HR yet (access through Waikato Homepage above)
  • You may have 2 entries in the accounts database with your username attached to one and your HR contract attached to another (contact Service Desk)

To check the last 2 bullet points log a job through Landesk (see below) or email the Service Desk . We can check if your contract has been entered or arrange for your accounts to be merged if necessary.

If you require assistance for any other issues with Aku Mahi you should email Human Resource Management

If you can't access iWaikato check out iWaikato Access.

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