Free Licensed Software

Below is a list of software packages for which the University of Waikato has purchased a site licence and have made available free for staff and enrolled students to download. . The list also indicates whether the software is available for the Windows platform, the Macintosh platform or both.

Some of these packages are available for installation on home computers of staff or students.

These are indicated under 'Home Use' columns. There are specific licensing, installation and usage conditions associated with each package. Click on the (More info) button of each package to get the package details including download process

For further information, please refer to the vendors site information (links in More info pages) or contact the ITS Service Desk on 4008.

NB: Not all software packages listed here are supported by ITS.

Corel License

Corel is a multi-use graphics suite used for graphics creation and graphics and video editing.

Corel is available for use on Campus for University Machines and Lab use. Staff members also have limited licenses for installing for home use, however students will only have access to this software by licensed labs. (More Info).

 On CampusHome Use
Corel Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
Corel (More Info)YesYesYesNo


EndNote is bibliographic software used to automatically format references (citations) downloaded from databases, library catalogues, or created manually. You will find more information on the EndNote Website or check out the FAQ below to find instructions and details specific to the University of Waikato Library.

EndNote is now available to freely download and install on your personal machine. This offer applies to University of Waikato staff and and currently enrolled students. (More Info)

 On CampusHome Use
EndNote Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
EndNote (More Info)YesYesYesYes


NVivo is a qualitative data analysis (QDA) computer software package produced by QSR International. It has been designed for qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required.[1]

The Waikato University site licence is a per user licence for all staff and enrolled students. It can be downloaded on any UoW owned computer and a staff member or enrolled student can download a single copy on a single personal device.(More Info)

 On CampusHome Use
QSR Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
NVivo (More Info) YesYesYesYes

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is now FREE for all UoW staff and enrolled UoW students.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more (see the table below) and it's free to download and available to all staff and students. You can choose which applications you want. (More Info)

 On CampusHome Use
Microsoft Office 365 Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
Microsoft Office 365  (More Info) YesYesYesYes


Qualtrics is an online surveying software. Qualtrics is available for both MAC and Windows computer platforms.

 On CampusHome Use
Qualtrics Site LicencePCMacStaffStudent
Research Suite Licence (More Info)YesYesYesYes

Reotupu - Wakareo

Reotupu - Wakareo is an online repository of Māori dictionary resources which gives you access to a huge repository of Māori-English-Māori terms and meanings, new words and old words.

Reotupu - Wakareo is available to freely log-in on your personal machine. This offer applies to University of Waikato staff and enrolled students and can be used while on campus.

 On CampusHome Use
Reotupu - Wakareo Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
Reotupu - Wakareo (More Info)YesYesYesYes


SPSS is a statistical software package. SPSS is available for both Mac and Windows computer platforms.(More Info)

 On CampusHome Use
SPSS Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
SPSS (More Info)YesYesYesNo

Software for Science and Engineering Staff and Students

Students enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Engineering in have free access to the following software for home use:

ChemDraw Prime


SolidWorks & Statistica

Access to these labs is available via Remote Computer Labs.

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For anything urgent you should phone the Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for assistance.