Campus Access Control

Requesting Access

Please read the principles of access control at the University of Waikato and following information below. Staff and Students automatically have general access applied to their ID Cards on employment or enrolment.

If a Staff member or Student has tried to unsuccessfully access an area that they should be able to enter, they should talk to the administrative staff of that area in the first instance. Access, with authorisation, can be requested through Kuhukuhu.


Access Control is managed through a combination of:

  • Swipe Access via Gallaghers Cardax and Salto Locks (using ID Cards)
  • Key locked doors
  • Alarms, and
  • Time controlled locking/unlocking of doors (scheduling).

The controlled spaces and zones in the University include:

  • Hamilton (including Ruakura)
  • Tauranga (including CBD Campus, 184 Cameron Road, Sulphur Point and Mount Maunganui)
  • Student Accommodation areas:
    • Bryant Hall
    • College Hall
    • Orchard Park
    • Student Village
    • Selwyn Street (Tauranga)

General Access Areas

Most University buildings (except for Student Accommodation and Restricted Areas) and the common spaces within them are considered General Access Areas, and have the following access policy applied:

  • Open Access Times
    0730 to 1800 in Hamilton  / 0730 to 1700 in Tauranga
    - ALL Students and ALL Staff have free access without needing to swipe their cards
  • Closed Access Times
    1800 to 2200 in Hamilton / 1700 to 2200 in Tauranga
    - ALL Students and ALL Staff have the same free access to General Access areas, but need to swipe their cards.
  • Locked Access Times
    2200 to 0730 in Hamilton and Tauranga
    ALL Staff and ALL PhD (and equivalent higher learning degree) students have access to the same General Access areas by swiping their cards AND entering their PINs (for PIN Pad controlled doors).

Staff and Student ID Cards are automatically provisioned with access to General Access Areas.

Exception Areas

Any area that requires different access hours than those outlined in General Access is set up as an Exception. Staff and Students who need access to an Exception Area may need to request it through Kuhukuhu.

Restricted Areas

Some University spaces are Restricted and require approval by an approved owner of the area before access is granted.

Student Accommodation Areas

Student Accommodation areas are explicitly granted.

Bike Sheds

There are 3 bike sheds in Hamilton - C Block, G Block, and I Block which are locked 24/7. Students and Staff have access to these Bike Sheds by default upon enrolment or employment.

There is 1 bike shed in Tauranga - TCBD. Staff and Students need to request access to this Bike Shed through Kuhukuhu once employed or enrolled.