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Staff are required to abide by the University of Waikato Computer Systems Regulations

What is it?

UniAccess is the new Identity Management System the University has launched to process accounts for University staff and visitors.

It puts the creation (and extension) of a basic computer account into the hands of the people who deal with new employees or visitors in their own faculties and departments. You can also request extension of your own account or further access as required.

How Do I Access It?

UniAccess can be found by logging in to iWaikato then go to

  • Common Tasks > Make a Request > ICT / User Access OR
  • Information About > Corporate Systems > UniAccess.

When Would I Use it?

Administrators can now set up a new computer accounts or update exiting account information and have it ready for a new staff member / visitor when they arrive. An account can be created either through HR recruitment, or at the discretion of a departmental administrator.

IMPORTANT: Expiring Account and Contract Renewal

When a Staff (SF) account with an HR contract expires, the “Type” is automatically set to Terminated (TE).

If the staff member is waiting on a new contract and still requires access to the University’s system then the Faculty/Department administrator is required to set the staff members account “Type” to EX (External) so the staff member can still logon to a computer and have access to their H: drive, email and printing.

When the new HR contract has been authorised and is visible in UniAccess, the administrator is

required to change the account ‘Type’ back to Staff (SF) so they then have full access to all resources allocated to their account.

ICT Account types and their purpose

The University of Waikato operates five account types:

Student Accounts

Student accounts are created by the Student System as part of the student enrolment process.

Students have access to;

Staff, External, Limited and Special

Staff, External and Limited accounts are created by Faculty and Departmental administrators.

The level of access depends on your position and what was requested when your account was

created. Special is only able to be created by ITS Service Desk.

  • Staff (SF) accounts are for staff who have a current HR contract, this account type provides access to email, internet, iWaikato, AkuMahi, printing, scanning, copying, H: Drive home share and Moodle.
  • External (EX) accounts are for Casuals, Emeritus staff, visitors, contractors and staff in-between HR contracts. This account type provides access to; email, internet, printing, scanning, copying, H: Drive home share. A Moodle account needs to be requested if they haven’t had Moodle access before. iWaikato access also needs to be requested.
  • Limited (LX) accounts are for external users where an account code is not required and additional access will have to be requested, these are mainly for contractors.
  • Special (SP) are only able to be created by the ITS Service Desk, these are for Generic accounts, Server and Service accounts and other accounts that are needed for special purposes. Requesting a Special account means you are taking responsibility for the use of that account no matter who is using it.

basic computer account gives UoW staff access to:

Other Access

The following are requested through UniAccess - Request a Resource:

  • Departmental shares
  • JADE
  • Moodle (only if they haven't had Moodle access before)

The following are requested by logging a ticket (see below):

  • iWaikato
  • Financials
  • Web maintainer access
  • Student Resource Requests

Depending on the level or type of access required it may pay to get your supervisor or dean to log it for you so the Service Desk has the required authorisation.

Help Files

The Service Desk have created a few videos to assist you with the basics and there are help files in UniAccess under Help Topics on the right of the screen.

Create a New User Account - for new staff and visitors (visiting lecturers) that need computer access

Update or Change Your Details - extend your computer account end date, (new contract)

Request a Resource - Staff / Departmental Share, JADE & Moodle

Approve a Resource - Staff / Departmental Share, JADE & Moodle

UniAccess Home

LD Self Service Log Your Own Ticket

The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own support tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check its status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


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