Change Your Email Display Name

You can change the From address that people see when they receive an email from you. You can do this for your regular account and for your alias/other addresses. You must do this in Gmail first (NOT Outlook) as there are some issues with Gmail and Outlook synchronizing.

To change the display name in Gmail:

Log in to your Gmail account

  1. Go to Cog and select Settings

  2. Click the Accounts tab along the top
  3. Look for the 'Send mail as' area (ensure it is the default email) and click edit info 
  4. Change the display name to the name you wish your emails to show (preferably your first and last name)
    NOTE: Do not change any of the other settings. 
  5. Click Save Changes.

In Outlook

You will only need to do this once. After that the option to choose your alias will come up under the 'From' field.

  1. Open a new email
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Show Fields
  4. Click the From button drop-down
  5. Click Other E-mail Address
  6. Enter the address/alias you want to send from
  7. When finished close the email and you will be presented with the save choices window
  8. Click Yes.

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