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Student Wireless Network - Windows 7 Instructions

Configure UOW Students for Windows

These instructions can be used for Windows 7 8 & 10 with slight variation on instructions.

Open the Network and Sharing Center by right clicking on the network icon in the task tray:

UOW Students

Click on UOW Students.


Click the Connect button.

win7hp connect

Enter your (or, then enter your domain password, then click OK.

win7hp authenticate

Click the down arrow next to Details, and verify that the radius server is . If this is the case (as shown below), click Connect.

win7hp tools

After a short delay, the entry UOW Students in the list of available networks should say Connected, assuming that the right password has been entered.

win7hp connected

Manual Setup of UOW Students

Open the Network and Sharing Center by right clicking on the network icon in the task tray:

UOW Students

Click on the "Set up a new connection or network" link:

new connection

Select the Manually connect to a wireless network option:

manually connect

Fill in the form to match what is here:


Select Change connection settings

add success

Set Security type, encryption type, and click on the Settings button:

security details

Ensure the four items are ticked as follows, fill out the text box with and set the Authentication Method to EAP-MSCHAP v2, then click the Configure button:

select properties

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure Do not prompt user to authorize new servers . . . (above) is NOT ticked and for Windows 8 users (the drop-down above right) Don't ask user to authorize new servers . . . IS showing.

NOTE for Windows 10: Ensure you select Ask user to authorise new server rather than the above. It will then connect anyway rather than complaining about the certificate. (Choosing 'Don't ask . . seems to make it fail silently in the background.

Untick the box (below), and click OK to exit the EAP MSCHAPv2 box, then click OK again to exit the Protected EAP Properties box (the one directly above this sentence).

EAP properties

Click the Advanced Settings button

advanced settings

Set the 802.1X settings tab to look like this, no need to change the 802.11 settings tab. After these are set, click OK, and close the remaining open network properties boxes.

Note: Some users may find they need to disconnect at this stay and reconnect.

settings detials

Connect to the UOW Students by clicking on the network icon in the task bar (see first picture at top of page), and selecting UOW Students. This should bring up this box. In here, enter your username, (add if on Tauranga campus) and your password you use to log on to windows.

stud authenticate

Windows will sometimes ask what type of network this is, select Work network.

LD Self ServiceLog Your Own Ticket

The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check it's status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


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