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Connect to UOW Halls Wired Network

For Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux computers.

Click Start Button > Run > services.msc
For Windows 10, you can type services.msc into the search bar and it will show in the resulting application.

For all versions of Windows, you can also hold down Windows button + R key to bring up run dialog and type services.msc

Find Service called "Wired AutoConfig"


Double click on line, set Startup type to be "Automatic", Click "Start" button so that it greys out:

Services started

Click OK.

Reboot machine.

Go to Start > Control Panel, Click on "Network and Sharing Center":

Network and Sharing

Click on "Change adapter settings"

Change adapter settings

Right click on the Local Area Connection and click Properties to bring up the "Local Area Connection" Properties dialog box.

Click on the Authentication tab, ensure that the Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication option is ticked, select PEAP, and click the settings button:

Network Authentication

Untick Validate server certificate, Set EAP-MSCHAPv2 and click the Configure button:

Network authentication 2

Untick the Automatically use my Windows logon name, click OK and click OK again to get back to the authentication tab.

Network authentication 3

Untick Remember my credentials and untick Fall back to unauthorized network access, then click on the  Additional Settings button.

Network Authentication

Set to be like this, ensuring that authentication mode is "User authentication":

Network authentication 4

Click OK to close all the properties dialog boxes.

Plug in the network cable. Windows will pop up a dialog box at the bottom of the screen:

additional info

and windows should now present a username/password dialog box:

Network authentication 5

Enter your and password into the box and click ok.

If you enter the wrong password, the network connections box will show a "Authentication Failed"

Network authentication 6

Windows sometimes won't automatically ask you for a different password if you get it wrong, so just unplug and re-plug the cable to force it.

If you do pass in the right password, it should show something like uow.root:

Network authentication 8

Double clicking on the connection will bring up the dialog box on the left, and clicking the details button will bring up the dialog on the right. Both are useful information for the Service Desk if you have a problem that needs further diagnosis.

Network authentication 9

Lightwire IPv4 addresses start with 10., and Halls internet access addresses start with 130.217.

PLEASE NOTE: For Lightwire access via a wired connection, use the username "Lightwire" and the password "Lightwire", and your wall port connection will be automatically switched from a Halls one to a Lightwire one. Unplugging the cable will reset it back to its default state.

LD Self ServiceLog Your Own Ticket

The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check its status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


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