Corel License

CorelDRAW is an industry acclaimed graphic design tool used for the creation and editing of two dimensional drawings and graphics. You can find more information on the Corel website. Information on the features and add-ons available with the University of Waikato License can be found below.

Site Licence

University of Waikato now has a Corel site license available for staff and students, which provides access to additional features. The Site license is available for staff on a device by device bases, while students are limited to software access in labs on campus

 On CampusHome Use
Corel Site Licence PCMacStaffStudent
Corel Yes Yes Yes No

Downloading Corel

Corel is available for all students who have access to the Faculty of Science and Engineering labs that are authorized to install and use the software. Students are not covered under our site license other than for use on University owned machines.  Use on personal machines is not permitted.

Students can buy their own licences for home use, and may generally install each product on up to 3 devices so long as they are not running at the same time. They will need to check each product though.

CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite X8 is available here:

Current cost: $ 119.95 (with 20% discount), $ 149.95 (without discount)

For staff who require the software to be installed on their office computers, or take home devices, they will need to log a request through their local computer consultants, or through our online self service portal Kuhukuhu.

Available Features

The University of Waikato site license contains several additional features and software:

  • PDF Fusion (Adobe Acrobat Pro equivalent)
  • Painter
  • VideoStudio Pro lite
  • CorelDRAW Graphics
  • Paintshop Pro

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