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Customize My Home Page in Moodle

For Students

See Moodle - Student Help and click on My Home

For Staff

See below and watch User Menu, preferences and Customising the Dashboard

When you log in to Moodle you arrive at the default landing page. The papers are in a set order and not always in the order that you want to work with. You can now customize your own My Home page.

Choose Dashboard

Click on Dashboard to customize your page. You will find this link top left of the screen on your landing page, under the down arrow beside your name or in your Navigation block.

This page will display a list of papers and courses you are associated with.


Click Customise this page (top right of the screen)

 Moodle customise page 2

You can now start customising your page.

Numbers of courses to display

You can set how many papers to display on the page so you only see the ones you want

 Moodle customise page 3

Change the order of the papers

You can move each of the pages up or down to change the order, putting your main papers at the top of the list

Click and hold down on the four-way arrow and drag the paper to where you want it , then let go

 Moodle customise page 4

Add / Remove Blocks

You can Add blocks (from Add a Block), remove them or move them around the page.

Moodle Block

You can also Dock them so they are hidden from view. Click on the - or < to the right of the Block title. When docked you will see a bar down the side of the screen with only the name showing.

show/hide blockarrow

docked blocks


When you have the papers in the order you want them you need to click Stop cutomising this page. This will Save your newly arranged list.

 Moodle customise page 5

Click the Reset page to default button if you want to go back to the default layout and blocks.

Bookmark / Add to Favourites

If you save the URL as a favourite in your browser (Not Internet Explorer) you can go straight to this page to access Moodle

LD Self ServiceLog Your Own Ticket

The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check it's status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


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