Druva - Back Up / Restore a File or Folder

Access your work files anytime, anywhere with the Druva inSync which delivers secure real-time access and file sharing. You can use this on your desktop computer, laptop and mobile devices. File/folder backups are held for 90 days so if you delete your file by accident or want to access a file/folder from you desktop computer while off campus or overseas you can do so.

Log into Druva with the server address
Your consultant will need to create your account in Druva before you can log in.

Druva Login

Add a Folder/s You Want to be Backed up

When Druva is first installed it is configured to back up your Desktop & Documents folder.
NOTE: An exception to this (currently) is for staff in ITS and ITS supported faculty/departments which will be your Desktop.only. The reason for this is that for them the Documents folder has been configured to save to their H; Drive (Home) which is already backed up on another server.

To choose other folders you want to have backed up click the Add Folder button and browse to the file/folders to be backed up on that computer.

Druva Backup Folders

Druva Folder

Delete a Folder You No Longer Want Backed up

To delete a folder that you no longer want to be backed up click the spanner icon to the right of the folder (applies to all except the Admin folder) and click Delete Backup folder. The deleted backup folder will remain there for 90 days after which that backup too will be deleted.

delete folder

If you delete a file or folder in error you can restore it using the below instructions.

Restoring files can be done two ways:

1. On a new computer or another device

Druvas webclient:

  • Open Internet Browser and navigate to the web client address (linked above).
  • Enter University of waikato email ([email protected]) and password.

Druva Browser Login

  • Once in the web client you can easily select which file you want to download.

Druva Select File

  • Click Restore or Download if you want to restore the latest backup of the whole folder
  • You will be asked if you want to open or save the folder

Druva Restore Folder

  • If you want to restore a folder backed up on a particular day click on the name of the folder
  • Browse to the date of the backup you want to restore

Druva Choose File

  • When you click on the date of the file/folder you want you will be asked if you want to open or save the file/folder

2. On another computer without the client - use the web

3. On a new computer

If you want to move your backup folders to your new PC that has Druva installed

  • Log into Druva on your new PC.
  • Right click icon on task-bar

Druva Icon

  • Select Restore backup data.

Druva Restore

  • Select folder to restore
  • Click Restore button.

Missing Backups

If you are away from the office or overseas for more than 31 days (7 days for Science & Engineering) and your computer is not on it will not do any backups. You will receive an email to that effect and you can run a manual back up by pressing the Backup icon at the top right of your Druva screen.

Mobile Devices

Druva is also available for your mobile devices, iPads & phones. By default this will only back-up your Contacts but can be configured to include other files/folders.

When you are overseas with your laptop you can do a Restore of the file/folder you want through the web client (as above). You can do a semi recover to your phone by doing a Restore e.g. to grab a PDF file.

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