Druva - Back Up / Restore a File or Folder

Access your work files anytime, anywhere with the Druva inSync which delivers secure real-time access and file sharing. You can use this on your desktop computer, laptop and mobile devices. File/folder backups are held for 90 days so if you delete your file by accident or want to access a file/folder from you desktop computer while off campus or overseas you can do so.

Druva Activation Instructions

New Druva inSync Cloud backup software has been installed and you will need to activate your backups.

At the end of February 2021 the current on premises desktop backup solution will be discontinued.

New Druva inSync Cloud backup software has been installed and you will need to activate your backup software on your computer.

If you do not activate your Druva inSync Cloud desktop client your backups will STOP.

Check your account

Ensure your Druva is activated on your computer

  1. Roll your mouse over the Druva inSync icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen as pictured to determine the current activation status.
    Druva in taskbar
    NOTE: Mac users need to look on their Menu Bar for the Druva Icon
  2. An exclamation identifies a problem, if the message for '...credentials/authentication key...' displays when you hover your mouse, please follow the activation instructions below.
    Druva Authentication key required
  3. If you have the new Druva icons, you have successfully activated and do not need to take any further action.
    The new Druva Icons

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