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eduroam is a federated wireless access network that allows users from participating institutions to seamlessly roam to other eduroam locations. The eduroam network at the University of Waikato is operated in adherence to the Australian eduroam Policy Version 2.0.

If you are part of the University of Waikato academic or general staff, you have full access to the eduroam network, and we recommend you use the eduroam SSID as your default wireless connection.

Acceptable use policy

Please read the University of Waikato Computer Systems Regulations for your obligations when using our network.

Additionally, if you are a visitor to the University of Waikato, or a University of Waikato staff member that intends to visit other eduroam locations, please be aware that eduroam policy requires all users to either be over 18 years of age or have consent from a parent or guardian to use non-filtered internet access.

Wireless coverage areas

eduroam is available everywhere that is covered by the University of Waikato wireless network. This includes most buildings and common areas at the Hillcrest campus. For full details, see our wireless coverage map (530kb PDF). Note - This coverage map is in the process of being updated.

Authentication information

To connect to eduroam with your University of Waikato account, use these settings (don't worry if your device doesn't offer to let you change all of these options):

SSID eduroam
Wireless Security WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption TKIP or AES
EAP Type PEAP (Protected EAP)
Authentication MSCHAPv2
Username [email protected]
Password your Waikato password
Anonymous identity [email protected]

Visitors from other eduroam institutions should use the same configuration as their home network.

Staff Wireless Network Client Instructions

Wireless Network Client Setup

General Setup Information

Username: [email protected]
Password: Same as your waikato password
Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: PEAP (Protected EAP)
Anonymous identity: [email protected]
CA Certificate: Optional, see below.
Client Certificate: Not implemented, don't set one
PEAP Version: Version 0, others might work
Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2
The SSL certificates used by the authentication servers should be accepted by most systems by default. See the instructions page for your system for more details.

Handheld Device Setup

iOS and Android

These devices have been tested to work successfully:

The above devices will ask to accept a non verified certificate, check that the certificate presented is actually

Windows Mobile

These devices running the following Windows mobile versions need two certificates installed to connect to the eduroam network.

  • Windows Mobile 6.1, 6.2, 6.5

In Internet Explorer on the device, click on the two certificates in the SSL Certificates section, and click the install tab on the bottom of the screen.
The connection to eduroam should then connect successfully.

Desktop Operating Systems:

Network access available

University of Waikato users and at other eduroam member institutes.

University of Waikato users connecting at the University of Waikato and at other eduroam member institutions:
Where possible, you will be authenticated onto your department network for full access to UoW local services and the internet.

Eduroam for visitors

Where possible, you will be authenticated onto your own institution’s network for full access to the internet and access to University of Waikato public services.

Activity monitoring and logging

In accordance with the University of Waikato computer use regulations and Eduroam Australia policy, we will collect the following when you access the eduroam network at the University of Waikato:

  • The User ID you login as.
  • The MAC Address of the device you are using.
  • The IP Address that your device is assigned on the network.
  • The Wi-Fi access points that you connect to.
  • The date and time that you connect to the eduroam network and the duration of time that you are connected.

This information is kept for a minimum of three months and may be made available to eduroam security or technical contacts if required to investigate network issues.

Contact details

If you need more assistance, please log a ticket in Kuhukuhu.

* eduroam is a TERENA registered trademark and is an abbreviation for educational roaming that originated from a European National Education and Research Networks (NRENs) project to deliver a user-friendly, secure and scalable internet access solution for visitors.

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