PowerPoint - Printing Slides

The PowerPoint file opens in html so won't print as slides.
Some ppt and pptx files are embedded in html, or load in a java script window. This means you cannot save the file properly or access advanced printing options, due to security restrictions in place for Internet Explorer on student machines, which do not offer a File menu.

There are several options you can try:

Option 1:

  1. Open the PowerPoint icon
  2. The file will open as a slide show, right click on the slide and select 'Edit Slides'.
  3. The slide view will appear on the left hand side of the screen, press 'Ctrl' 'A' to select all slides on the left hand side.
  4. Press 'Ctrl' 'C' to copy all the slides.
  5. Open a new slide show in PowerPoint on the thin client
  6. Click in the Slides tab on the left hand side, delete the blank slide that is already there.
  7. In the Slide tab click 'Ctr'l 'V' to paste the copied slide show into the blank PowerPoint presentation.
  8. To print 6 slides to a page you can now go to the 'File' menu and select 'Print Preview'
  9. In the Print Preview tool bar you will be able to select handouts from the Print What menu in the middle of the tool bar.
  10. You can now print the slide show 6 slides to a page, even if you leave the Print Preview window the printing format you have just set is kept.
  11. You will now be able to save the slide show you have just copied and pasted to your H: drive.

Please Note: Copying the slide show like this will not copy any background images from the original slide show across, only the text of the slide show.

Option 2:

  1. Open the ppt or pptx file in the web browser.
  2. The file will open as a slide show, right click on the current slide display and select properties.
  3. The properties window should offer the specific address of the ppt file or an html redirect. Select all of the address and copy by right clicking or pressing 'CTRL' 'C'.
  4. Open PowerPoint from Programs -> Microsoft Office in the Start Menu.
  5. Within PowerPoint open the File menu, and select Open.
  6. Within the Open dialog box, insert the copied address by pressing 'CTRL' 'V', and click open.
  7. PowerPoint will download the file and open it, and the advanced printing options can be accessed from File -> Print. Most students print Handouts at 6 per page.


If the ppt or pptx is opened in a web page, but does not have the options available as above, all you need to do is right click into any open slide and choose 'Print'.

This gives all the print options you will need (but no ability to save the slideshow).

In Management

To print or edit any ppt or pptx from Management:

  • Right click on the ppt or pptx icon in the lecture list (NOT from an open slide)
  • Choose 'Save File As'
  • Save to your Home share

Open PowerPoint > Go to File > Open and choose from the location it was saved to.

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