Set Up iPhone for Roaming When Travelling

Setting up your iPhone or iPad on Arrival.

There are multiple phone network providers in some countries. These can change from visit to visit so you need to check this out before you leave or have the roaming app installed on your device. Info can be found on your phone network provider's website.

Service provider settings for iPhone with an IO's Version 5.1.1 or higher

The University's mobile provider is 2Degrees. With the plans used for University phones, there should be no needs for setup before travelling overseas as the phones will be configured for roaming.

Phone setup checks

Setting up or Checking what Mobile network your are connected to on your iPhone

On your Home screen click on Settings

For Data:

Settings / General / Network: Enable 3G:ON,Cellular Data:

ON,Data Roaming:ON (While Roaming, to use Data) Data roaming while overseas is expensive, only turn it on when you need this functionality)

For Phone:

Settings / General / Phone: Show My Caller ID:ON,Phone: My Number: +64 2x xxx xxxx

How to check your mobile data network settings

Go to Settings, General, and Network and select this setting

It will display this page, look for Mobile Data Network

Now set the settings as per the Network service supplier instructions.
Each mobile phone supplier has its own set up and configurations settings.

This may be found online or is set automatically by the Network service provider you are connected too. Contact their 'Help line' if needed.You may have received a SMS from the service provider advising you what to do as well.

To Search the Network Manually

On your Home screen click on Settings

Scroll down till until you see the Carrier tab, this opens the Network selection page

If the Carrier is set to automatic it will pick up the sponsored network automatically
In the above screenshot the phone has Telecom as the service provider.

Sliding the "On" switch to the left will turn off the Automatic network selection and provide the option to select an alternative service provider if you so require while travelling overseas.

Sometime your internet APN connectivity settings may be lost while  being overseas. This may be due to a Sponsored overseas network changing  your settings

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