Setup Outlook to Use Gmail

When using Outlook to access your gmail you need to set it up on each computer you move to. You will also need to add any other resource or staff mailboxes that you have access to.

  • Go to Start > Google Workplace Sync
  • Click Set up a Google Workplace Sync user

  • The below window will popup (leave for now) then another will quickly follow.

  • You will see this screen, select the account you wish to sync to Outlook or choose another.

  • Microsoft Outlook asks if you want it to access your Google account and provides a list for syncing.
    Click Allow
  • Close the Google Sign in window to reveal the next steps

  • Click Create Profile

  • Click Start Microsoft Outlook

  • You can press the Close button below on the sync window and it will still sync, it just won't be visible.  The initial sync can take a few hour but you can work as normal and send and receive email while the process is running.

Each time you open Outlook the Synchronization Tool will run. Remember you can close the sync window and it will still run.

There will be a Google Sync Icon in the notification area of the task bar which spins when synchronizing (bottom picture).

  • Sync Icon in Taskbar

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