SPSS - Premium

SPSS is a statistical software package. SPSS is available for both Mac and Windows computer platforms.

The university has a limited number of licenses for installs on student accounts. Student access to SPSS is limited to computer labs on campus. Students wishing to buy a copy of SPSS for personal use can use the link below under the Downloading SPSS heading.

Postgraduate and PhD students require authorization for installations on personal devices and it must be for research or teaching purposes.

Site Licence

The Waikato University site licence is a per user licence and will need renewing each year.

Please note that IBM charge an additional premium for virtual licenses used for BYOD which is not included in your current license.

Downloading  SPSS

On campus - The SPSS licence entitles you to install the SPSS Premium (all 15 modules and Aos) on any Waikato University owned machine. Such requests will be directed to your local ICT support Consultant.

Home - Staff and Postgraduate students are entitled to install copies on personal machines strictly for teaching and research related work for the University. Such requests will be directed to your local ICT support Consultant.

Students have access to purchase licenses privately via a fully automated purchase on the website SPSS purchase link. This allows access to SPSS for Student price.

 On Campus
SPSS Site Licence PCMac
AMOS Yes Yes
Custom Tables Yes Yes
Conjoint Yes Yes
Advanced Statistics Yes Yes
Categories Yes Yes
Complex Samples Yes Yes
Bootstrapping Yes Yes
Data Preparation Yes Yes
Decision Trees Yes Yes
Direct Marketing Yes Yes
Exact Tests Yes Yes
Forecasting Yes Yes
Missing Values Yes Yes
Neural Networks Yes Yes
Regression Yes Yes
Developer Yes Yes

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