Connecting your Android to Wireless

All mobile devices are capable of connecting to the wireless networks available on campus. Eduroam is provided for staff wireless access and can be used by staff visiting from other Tertiary educations that use Eduroam.

Guests can access the Waikato wireless network.

Currently enrolled students can connect to the student wireless network UOW Students on campus and UOW Halls in the Halls.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings

  2. Below are one of two screens that you should see. For those who see the left, select Wireless and Networks. For those who see the right, tap Connections then Wi-Fi. Make sure that the bar next to it is green like in the screenshot.

    Android Settings Android WiFi

  3. With wireless turned on in the last step, this should now show a list of available wireless networks on your phone. From that list you will select the wireless network you wish to connect to.
    For Staff this will be the Eduroam network
    For Students this will be the UOW Students or UOW Halls network.
    For Visitors and Guests it will be Waikato.

  4. For Staff connecting to Eduroam, and Students connecting to UOW Students or UOW Halls you will be asked to enter some details before connecting to the network.

    Android Eduroam
  5. You may not have to make any changes to these settings but it will depend on the make of your mobile phone. If you do need to make changes they will probably be the following;
    For 'EAP method' select 'PEAP'.
    For 'Phase 2 authentication' select 'MSCHAPV2'
    For 'CA Certificate' select 'None' or 'Do not specify'
    You will need to enter your username in the Identity box and again in the Anonymous identity box and Password. Email address is also accepted if your username on its own isn't successful, for staff [email protected] and password, for student [email protected]
    If you are using a Sony model device, or the option to connect is greyed out, please see our Troubleshooting for the custom settings around this.

  6. Press connect and your phone will now be connected to the wireless network.


Wireless Troubleshooting

Every now and then you will encounter troubles with connecting to the wireless networks available on campus. Here are some of the common issues your device may give you:

Incorrect Username/Password

Ensure that you are using the correct username and password and that it is lowercase, even if you have to change the password to check this.

Try logging in using the full email address as your username or identity (Eduroam)
Students using UOW Halls ONLY enter your username.

Try changing your password. If you are a University of Waikato staff member and have Google Two Step Verification on

Cannot Connect to Wireless Network

If the username and password work, but you cannot connect to the wireless network, it may possibly be due to several issues.

If you are in a crowded area such as the library, it's possible that the devices are overloaded with people connecting their devices. If there are people near you who have active portable Wi-Fi connections active on their phones, these can interfere with wireless connections as well. In both these instances, try connecting to the wireless at a different location. Hot-spots are available all around campus.

Connected to Network, but no Internet access

This issue can occur for multiple reasons as well. Mainly, if there are too many people on wireless in one location there may not be enough bandwidth for your device to connect. Try locating to a quieter area of the campus and try again.

It could possibly be because of a verification error. It could not identify your login properly. Try logging in with your full email address rather than just the username, or changing your password and logging in again.

For University of Waikato staff members, if you enter your mobile devices Wireless settings and select the Eduroam network it will display details of the connection. Check the IP address showing. If it does not show as 130.217.X.X then it has not connected to the Eduroam network. In this instance, please contact the University ITS Service Desk on (07) 838 4008 or extn 4008.

Sony Devices, or those with greyed out "connect" buttons

For staff and students using a Sony mobile device, or those who have devices that have a greyed out Connect button after entering your details above there is an additional setting that needs to be added to your device:
CA Certificate: Set to Use System Certificate
Domain: The above setting will reveal this box. Enter ''

Enter your Identity as just <username>. You do not need to add the as this has been entered in the Domain box.

Mobile Data Troubleshooting

All mobile networks include the option of using their mobile data services for internet access on your mobile phone. Each service Provider such as Telecom, Vodafone, 2Degrees and Skinny each have a different way of setting up their Mobile Data.

If the phone has been purchased from that provider, these settings should be installed already, however if you have needed to do a factory reset or are switching to another network, you may need to enter the settings for that network manually.

You can find the setup instructions for each network here:

Spark Mobile Settings

Vodafone Mobile Settings

2Degrees Mobile Settings


Note: For University of Waikato Staff members, if this is for your work phone, then the settings required will be with 2Degrees as they now provide mobile services for the University of Waikato.

General Troubleshooting

Battery is not holding its charge:

The most common cause of this is due to the phone having its Wireless connection, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and GPS active. These can be checked and/or disabled by doing the following:

  1. Swipe the bar at the top of your screen as seen in the below screenshot:

    Android Battery

    This should reveal the above menu. If you swipe the menu at the top of the screen to the left, it will scroll along to more icons.

  2. Tap each of the icons as you wish to turn them on and off. As you can see in the above screenshot, icons that are on are Green, icons that are off are usually grey or white.

  3. Turn each of these functions off:
    Mobile Data

  4. Keep the phone active while these are off and check whether the battery is still being drained quickly or if it is holding its charge.
    Note: The average amount of time between charges for a smartphone is usually between 3-8 days depending on the model and amount of usage a phone is experiencing.

Other things you can check to reduce the battery consumption on your phone are:

  • Checking Brightness Settings:The brightness of your phone's screen will be a constant drain on the power, the lower the brightness, the less power being used.
    Most phones by default will use Auto Brightness to automatically adjust the brightness of the phone screen. This will also consume power using the sensor to determine when to adjust or change the brightness.

    To disable this go to Menu > Settings > Sound and Display > Brightness Settings and untick the box for Auto Brightness

  • Checking Screen Timeout Settings:The Screen Timeout setting controls how long the screen is lit up before it turns off. The longer it is on, the more power it uses. By default most phones have this set at 15 seconds, which is reasonable.
    To Change these settings, you can go to Menu >Settings> Display > Screen Timeout and select the amount of time until the screen turns off. Note: this does not turn the phone off, just the display screen. You can also manually turn it off on recent smart phones by tapping the power button.

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