Visitor and Guest WiFi on Waikato

Guests from another University participating in the Eduroam wireless network can login to Eduroam using their home institution network login and password.

See Wireless Access for Staff & Guests.
Review our Safety and Security Information

The University has established a free Visitor and Guest network (Waikato) on campus for visitors that require Internet access for presentations, guest lectures, etc. The network connectivity is available via the Waikato wireless network, or via wired network ports by request (please log your guest network port patch requests with the ITS Service Desk).

The Waikato network access requires authentication for staff or students and registration for visitors. Authorised access is provided in 7-day increments. Once the 7 days pass the device will automatically be de-registered and will need to be re-registered again.
If you have more than one device that you wish to connect to the Waikato network you will need to register each device separately.

Access to the Waikato WiFi network works as follows:

  • Staff and students can just login with their username and password on the first screen.
  • Visitors and Guests will need to select the 'Visitors and Guests' button to register and fill in the registration form.

Waikato wifi loginWaikato wifi registration

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