UoW Windows Mobile Support Guide

Connecting Windows Phone to WiFi

To setup a wireless network on your windows phone:

  1. From the home screen on your windows phone, swipe from right to left (or select all apps) to bring up your applications menu and select  Settings from the list.
  2. W Home Settings

  3. Once in your settings, select the Wi-Fi option and ensure the bar is swiped to the right as per the below screenshot to ensure Wi-Fi is turned on.
    For Windows 10 phones the layout is slightly different. You will find this under Settings > Network and Wireless > Wi-Fi.
  4. W WiFi

  5. A list of available Wireless networks will appear. Select the wireless network you wish to connect to.

If you are UoW Staff select the Eduroam Wireless network, this will then proceed to ask for a username and password. This is the same as your Waikato University username and password. Press Done when you are finished.

If you are a UoW Student then you will select the UOW Students, UOW Halls or Lightwire wireless network. Lightwire will not ask you for a username and password when you first connect to the network, but when you first open a web browser it will redirect you to

Note: Lightwire is available in accommodation for internet access. However it no longer uses University logins for access. Lightwire requires your own personal account to login and current data you pay for.

Your phone should now be connected to the wireless network.

Setup of University Email for a Windows Phone

The setup of email accounts on Windows phones are the same for both staff and students. To set up email on a Windows Device, you will need to do the following:

  1. From your devices Home Screen swipe from right to left to bring up your application list.

    W Home Settings
  2. From here go to Settings > Email + Account.
  3. If you have a Gmail or an email application on your home screen that has yet to have an account setup, you ca also use that to get to the Email + Account screen.

    W Email Account

  4. From the available list select the Google account to add to your phone.
  5. Your phone will then ask for your account information. The address will be your full email address, i.e. <username> for staff and <username> for students. For UoW Student and UoW Halls just enter your username (do NOT add or and your password will be your University of Waikato password.
  6. Note: Check whether you have Google 2-Step Verification enabled on your account. If not we recommend that you do so.
  7. Your account will now begin syncing the email and calendar. This may take a few minutes. Once sync is complete, your email should be ready to use.


Email Troubleshooting

In the email setup above, we assume that the sign-in processes went without any issues. However there are some common issues that occur during this step.

  1. Cannot Sync Account
    is usually caused by the Google Sync being unavailable. To check this is the case go into Applications > Settings > Email + Account > Google and see if there is an error message below the email account usually regarding sync being unavailable. If error message is displayed, wait until later in the day and sync again.

    If the error is not displayed, check the sync settings for your account and ensure it is syncing correctly. If not, try removing the account and set up on phone again.

    With Windows phones, there is an extra step that can occur which stops the synchronization of the email account. To fix this, you will need to open a web browser (on Phone or PC) and visit the link: Click Continue and on then on the phone tap Synchronize.
  2. Cannot Sign into Account Check you are connected to Eduroam, UoW Students, UoW Halls or Lightwire. If they are connected to Waikato wireless, this will not connect to google.
    If the account still will not sync, turn off wireless and sync the email through Mobile Data for the first sync. This usually fixes the issue and they can use wireless after the initial sync.
  3. Incorrect Username and/or Password Check you have entered your full UoW email address as the username. Check the password you are entering is correct, even if you have to change the password to test this.

    Check whether you have Google 2-step Verification active on your account. Ensure you are entering your Application Specific Password, spaces do not matter.

    On occasion you will have an error where this is displayed and despite doing the above two steps it will not work. In this instance, attempt the troubleshooting (above) Cannot Sign into Account as this will sometimes fix it.

WiFi Troubleshooting

Every now and then you will encounter troubles with connecting to the wireless networks available on campus. Here are some of the common issues your device may give you:

Incorrect Username/Password

Ensure that you are using the correct username and password, even if you have to change the password to check this.

Try logging in using the full email address as your username (Lightwire) or identity (Eduroam
NOTE: just use your waikato username for UoW Students (not your email address).

Try changing your password. If you are a University of Waikato staff member and have Google Two Step Verification on.

Cannot Connect to Wireless Network

If the username and password work, but you cannot connect to the wireless network, it may possibly be due to several issues.

If you are in a crowded area such as the library, it's possible that the devices are overloaded with people connecting their devices. If there are people near you who have active portable WiFi connections active on their phones, these can interfere with wireless connections as well. In both these instances, try connecting to the wireless at a different location. Hot-spots are available all around campus.

Connected to Network, but no Internet access

This issue can occur for multiple reasons as well. Mainly, if there are too many people on wireless in one location there may not be enough bandwidth for your device to connect. Try locating to a quieter area of the campus and try again.

It could possibly be because of a verification error. It could not identify your login properly. Try logging in with your full email address rather than just the username, or changing your password and logging in again.

For UoW staff members, if you enter your mobile devices Wireless settings and select the Eduroam network it will display details of the connection. Check the IP address showing. If it does not show as 130.217.X.X then it has not connected to the Eduroam network. In this instance, please contact the University IT S Service Desk on (07) 838 4008 or extn 4008.

General Troubleshooting

Battery is not holding its charge:

Generally this is due to the phone having its Wireless connection, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and GPS active. These can be checked and/or disabled by doing the following:

  1. Windows phones do not have the typical swipe down menu to view the shortcuts for Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS, but Windows phones have the capability to "Pin" shortcuts to the home screen.
  2. W Shortcuts

    This should appear as above. Tapping each of the icons will open the respective section in the settings menu for you.

  3. Tap each of the icons, or go into the Applications > Settings for each of these services and turn them off:
    Mobile Data
  4. Keep the phone active while these are off and check whether the battery is still being drained quickly or if it is holding its charge.

Note: The average amount of time between charges for a smart phone is usually between 3-8 days depending on the model and amount of usage a phone is experiencing.

If the battery is still being drained rapidly even with these settings off, then there is a possibility of a fault with the phones battery. If this is the case, you will need to return to your phones place of purchase and speak with them in regards to your phone warranty and replacement battery

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