Phone Charges

Current Equipment Rental Charges

Line Rental Category Monthly ChargeUse
000SYS 0 Special numbers not charged for
BARSTD $15 Internal Calls only.
BARDDI $15 Internal Calls only, 4* or 5* Extension
STDLOC $15 Toll Barred
DDILOC $15 Toll Barred, 4* or 5* extensions
STDNZT $15 NZ Tolls Allowed
DDINZT $15 NZ Tolls Allowed, 4* or 5* extensions
STDINT $15 International Tolls Allowed
DDIINT $15 International Tolls Allowed, 4* or 5* extensions
VM Free Service Cisco voice mailbox

* DDI (Direct Dial-in) extensions are those in the 4000 and 5000 series. They can be dialed directly from outside the university by preceding the extension number with 838 or 858 respectively.

Current Call Charges

Call charges for calls made via a desktop phone or the Jabber client are the same. Examples being:

NOTE:  If you have a University owned mobile phone it is more cost efficient to use your mobile (not via Desktop phone or Jabber Client) if calling Local, National and Australia numbers  as the mobile plan includes free calling to these destinations.
Calling Cents per min
Local Calls (i.e. calling Hamilton numbers from Hamilton or Tauranga numbers from Tauranga) $0.02
National Landline Calls (i.e. calling the rest of NZ, non-mobile) $0.03
National Mobile Calls (except to UoW owned mobiles which are free) $0.12
Australia Landline $0.03
Aussie Mobile $0.15

Also there are various rates for other International destinations.

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