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Phone Charges

Current Rental Charges

Line Rental CategoryMonthly ChargeUse
000SYS0Special numbers not charged for
BARSTD$15Internal Calls only.
BARDDI$15Internal Calls only, 4* or 5* Extension
STDLOC$15Toll Barred
DDILOC$15Toll Barred, 4* or 5* extensions
STDNZT$15NZ Tolls Allowed
DDINZT$15NZ Tolls Allowed, 4* or 5* extensions
STDINT$15International Tolls Allowed
DDIINT$15International Tolls Allowed, 4* or 5* extensions
VMFree ServiceCisco voice mailbox

* DDI (Direct Dial-in) extensions are those in the 4000 and 5000 series. They can be dialed directly from outside the university by preceding the extension number with 838 or 858 respectively.

Kuhukuhu Self Service Portal Te Kuhukuhu Rārangi - Log Your Own Request

"Kuhukuhu" is our IT Service Catalogue. You can search for, see the estimated delivery time for, and log your own service requests. You can also view the status of your current requests - providing further information by adding notes or attaching files, and view a full history of all previous requests. For anything urgent you should phone the Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for assistance.


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