Zoom - Recording

Recording Functions with Zoom

Zoom has the function of recording a meeting, similar to the Panopto recording in the lecturers rooms. There are different options and methods on how a recording is managed. Both the host and participants have the option of recording a meeting.

    • Local Recording - records the meeting to the local device's hard-drive or share drive.
    • Cloud Recording - cloud recording allows you to record a meeting video and audio in the Cloud. This is automatically added to the cloud on

The recorded meetings can be managed or shared online by logging in to your account and visiting the My Recordings page .

"This Meeting is Recorded" Warnings and Notifications

Zoom will warn external users and guests if the meeting has been recorded, internal University of Waikato staff and student accounts will already be aware that the University may be recording.  Notifications will allow you to leave the meeting if you are unwilling to attend a recorded meeting.  You may also disable your camera and/or microphone.

Zoom Recording Warning for PC Zoom Recording Warning for Mac

How to start a local recording

The host can record. While you are in a Zoom meeting, move your mouse around the screen to toggle the menu bar.

Share Screen

How to start a cloud recording

  1. Start a meeting
  2. Select the Record button in the Zoom toolbar
  3. Select "Start Cloud Recording"
  4. To stop the recording press Stop Recording or end the meeting

Once the recording has been stopped, the recording must be processed before viewing. Zoom will send an email to the host email address when the process is completed.

Viewing the cloud recordings

Cloud recordings with Zoom are automatically encoded and added to a folder online.  This is an cloud location using Panopto's online servers.

To view your Zoom cloud recordings go to and your zoom recordings will be in your My Folder. From here you can share/edit the recording much like a Panopto recording.

Viewing Local Recordings

To access your saved meeting recordings open your Client menu. From there select Meetings >Recorded.


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