iOS Apps

The following Apps, available from iTunes, support local storage and editing of documents:

Free versions are available for most Apps, but the professional versions have greater functionality and support, and cost only a few dollars.

We Would also recommend downloading the Gmail application from the Apple Store as this has extra features available than the mac mail application on iPhones and iPads.

The latest Office 365 available for students can now also be used on tablet devices, including the iPad. As this is available free for students who are currently enrolled at the University, we would recommend downloading and installing this.

Known constraints with supported apps

Constraints within iOS include the need to treat each application as an island when it comes to files.  To open a file in a specific App requires moving the file to the App (ensuring that the App already supports the file type).  It may be necessary for the App to support accessing Google Drive or Dropbox directly.

App specific constraints:

  • iBooks - PDF & ePub reader, no note taking. 
  • iAnnodate & pdfexpert - PDF reader that allows annotations (note taking).

Using a USB Connection

An iPad (or other iOS device) requires iTunes to be installed on the computer, because of this requirement, transferring files to /from an iPad is easier though Google Docs, Dropbox, UoW's access to the Staff Home web page (download to device only) or similar services. However it can still be performed.

With iTunes installed and running, select the device under DEVICES on the left, then select the Apps tab, once there scroll down and find File Sharing, in that area select the app to copy the file to/from and drag/drop or use the buttons to add or save files to/from that app.

Software Procurement

To purchase software you need to establish a personal account with either iTunes (for your iPad) or a Google checkout account with your Google email (for your Android device). Please use your University Pcard to purchase work-related apps. The online site will provide a receipt for your transaction. Please print the receipt and keep it in a safe place, ready to attach to your monthly University Pcard statement.

iPad apps are tied to the Apple ID under which they are purchased and like Android apps can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any iOS device although the following caveats apply:

  • an Apple ID can only authorise iTunes on a total of five computers at any one time
  • a single computer can have as many Apple ID's, and as many iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches...) as you choose, linked to the computer & iTunes.

This accordingly allows for setting up a set of iPads for a classroom environment, by having them all sync to a single computer with one or more Apple ID's set up to handle app installation. This five computer limit does (at this time) generally rule out the idea of having a group/department/faculty/school/university wide Apple ID to handle apps for everyone in the group as it would be too easy to hit that limit.  This limit was created with families in mind, not a University.

The iTunes market will advise if any updates are available for the apps you have downloaded. The download of the updates is usually free.

Security Considerations

Requires an Apple ID, this service is provided free from Apple®. This can be the same Apple ID used to make purchases from the App Store. It is recommended this be a departmental, Faculty/School, or University ID that can be used for multiple devices.

Device set up is as follows (also requires already being connected to a wireless network):


Open Settings


Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Add Account...


Select MobileMe (May change to iCloud in future iOS versions)


Enter Apple ID & password for Apple ID (caveat: Apple ID must be in the form of an email address, if the Apple ID is an older Apple ID that is not in the form of an email address, it will not work, there is also the option to create an Apple ID here, which is not being covered here).


If the Apple ID has not been used for this service before a terms of use will appear, Accept to continue.

It will ask for access to location services, allowing this is required or the service will not work.


Make sure Find my iPad is turned on.


Hit Save


And you are complete.

Find my iPhone / iPad

Provides remote lock/wipe, as well as send message or play a sound, and a location service.

This server does not track where the device has been, it only shows where the device is now (or where it was last reported to be) and then only assuming the device can check in with the service (i.e. requires an active internet connection, wifi or 3G). NB:  Not all devices have GPS capability. 

Once a device is set up as above, browsing to and logging in with the same account details as used on the device will bring up a list of devices attached, which can be selected one at a time, to find where the device is.

Selecting the device on the map then produces a menu with "Display Message or Play a Sound...", "Lock..." or "Wipe...", the latter being an option only used if the data on it is sensitive.

Also locking the Screen with a passcode or pin, in Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock. We recommend on smaller devices (such as phones) at least having a pin set (iOS calls a pin a Simple Passcode, on by default), on larger devices a full passcode is recommended. For the time limit that defines how seen the passcode is required, this should be weighed off against the security of the data being stored (iOS allows from immediate, ie when put to sleep, up to 4 hours). Obviously the more sensitive the date the shorter the time, and for ultimate sensitivity, there is even an Erase Data option, when enabled, if the passcode fails 10 times,


There is a variety of tablet devices available in the market and they all operate slightly differently.  If you have acquired a tablet device, it is a good idea to read the manual.  Comprehensive manuals are usually available online.  For example, you can learn about the iPad by visiting the site

The ITS Service Desk will provide support on a "best endeavours" basis. Your support request will be logged and passed on to your local computer consultant for appropriate support.  Basic training in the use of the tablet devices and the above software is available via WCEL.

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