Getting the most out of your iOS device at the University of Waikato

Many people are aware of the common services provided by their iPhone iPad, including the ability to access the Internet, University and personal email, calendars, video conferencing options, create and access podcasts, and much more. This guide will show you how to access these common services on your iOS device, and explore some additional functions you might not be familiar with.

Connect to the University of Waikato wireless networks

Connecting your phone to wireless networks whenever possible is a good idea.  Not only will you get a faster Internet connection on Wifi, but you will not be consuming your cellular data plan while you’re connected.

The University of Waikato operates a number of secure wireless networks for staff and students, but for your convenience, we also provide the Waikato public wireless network for your iOS device.  This network does not require a password to join and is a secure and safe option for your iOS device.  Staff and students are welcome to connect their personal or corporate devices to this network while on campus.

More information:
eduroam:[email protected]

Create an Apple ID

Your Apple ID is a critical part of enabling many services on your iOS device.  This Apple ID is unique to you and is maintained by Apple, the University of Waikato has no visibility or access to this account.  Please be sure to securely record your Apple ID username and password in a Password Manager, or you may experience difficulties with app installation.

How to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app.  Tap Sign in to your iPhone at the top of the screen.
    Create a new Apple ID on iPhone by showing: Launch Settings, tap Sign In
  2. Tap Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it, then tap Create Apple ID when the window pops up.
    Create a new Apple ID on iPhone by showing: Tap Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it?, then tap Create Apple ID
  3. Enter your first and last name, then select your birthday. Your birthday is used to determine which services to set up on the device.  Please use your actual birthday as it may be used as a security question in the future.  Then tap Next.
  4. Type the email address you want to use.  We recommend using your University of Waikato email address, but a personal email address is fine.
  5. Tap the toggle for whether you want to get Apple News & Announcements or not.
  6. Create a password and then verify it by typing it again.  Tap Next.
  7. Input your phone number and select whether you want to receive a text message or phone call for identity verification.  Tap Next.
  8. Enter the verification code that was sent to you.  Tap Next.
  9. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by tapping Agree, then tap Agree again to confirm.
  10. If prompted, tap OK to confirm Find My iPhone is turned on.

Once these steps are complete you will be able to use your new Apple ID to install apps and manage your iCloud settings.

Setup your University of Waikato email & calendar

Connecting your iPhone or iPad to our Google provided email and calendar services is fast and easy, but you will need an active Apple ID to complete the process.  To begin, open the App Store on your device.  At the bottom right, tap Search.

You can find many Google products and services available on your iPhone. For example, you can search for Google Chrome.  The apps we wish to install though are Google Calendar and GMail.  Search for GMail first.

Tap the Get button beside Google Calendar in the search results

Tap Install and enter your Apple ID credentials if prompted.  Once that install is complete, search for Google Calendar and tap Get, then Install.

Return to the home screen, then locate and tap the GMail app.  Login with your University (not your firstname.lastname email alias) and your usual Waikato password.  Follow the prompts and your email will begin to download.

Return to the home screen, then locate and tap the Google Calendar app.  Open the app and you should see that your credentials are already loaded into this app.  Toggle the slider to enable your calendar.

Install and activate the Duo Mobile App

The Duo Mobile app is the easiest way to provide the second factor of authentication for your University of Waikato account when you login with this or another device.  Please follow our comprehensive guide on our ICT Support page by visiting this link:

Install Pay My Park

From 2021, all unreserved and non-visitor car parks on campus have a small cost attached.  To use a University of Waikato car park you will need to have an account in the PayMyPark app, which also allows you to pay for parking at a number of locations across New Zealand.

More information about parking on campus and how to install the PayMyPark app is available at

Install the Zoom app

Zoom is the University of Waikato’s preferred video conferencing client, and using Zoom from your mobile device can be a great solution when you’re on the go, or are having issues with a webcam or microphone attached to a computer.  The Zoom web client is also an option on your mobile device if you do not have the Zoom app installed.  You can find information about Zoom and how to login at

Update your iOS operating system

Keeping your iPhone or iPad operating system up to date is the most important responsibility of owning and operating a mobile device on campus.  Not only do operating system updates provide new functionality and better software, but they contain critical security updates that keep you and your information safe and secure.  The process for updating your operating system is different depending on the age of your device, but a comprehensive guide is available here:

Securely erasing your device

When you are ready to dispose of your old Apple mobile device, or you wish to transfer your device to a colleague or family member it’s important that you first securely erase the device.  Not only does this prevent a third party from accessing any of your data, it also removes the PIN code and password requirements that will prevent another person from being able to unlock the screen.

Backup and restore your iPhone

If you have correctly configured your mobile device most of the data is stores locally will be automatically backed up to your iCloud service.  Sometimes however there is not enough storage available to complete a backup, or you may not have this service enabled.  We recommend that if you have such a device you periodically backup the contents to a computer.  This is a quick and easy process regardless of the type of computer you have available.

Open Camera from the Lock Screen

You don’t have time to open your iPhone and then your Camera? Just swipe left on the Lock Screen to quickly open your Camera app. The best part is that all your photos are protected, so you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing them.

Kuhukuhu Self Service Portal Te Kuhukuhu Rārangi - Log Your Own Request

"Kuhukuhu" is our IT Service Catalogue. You can search for and log your own service requests. You can also view the status of your current requests and see the estimated delivery time for them, provide further information by adding notes or attaching files, and view a full history of all previous requests.
For anything urgent you should phone the Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for assistance.