Mobile Device Roaming

Most mobile phones will operate overseas however there are considerable cost risks in using a mobile device in the same manner it is used in New Zealand.

You need to consider both voice and data services when setting up a mobile device for roaming. They operate under separate settings which enable you to turn them on and off independently of each other. As a general recommendation turn off all services you do not need at the moment and only enable them to undertake a specific task. This will save traffic costs from automated services.

Mobile Device Policy

The usage policy of a University phone while travelling conforms to the Mobile Devices Policy

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Roaming Guidelines

WiFi Calling - Wherever there's WiFi, there's 2degrees

WiFi Calling is a new service that allows you to make and receive calls and texts anywhere in the world that has a suitable WiFi connection, even if there is no mobile coverage.  It’s really easy to use with no apps to download, logins or linking contacts – you just update your phone settings then you just use your phone as you normally do.

It is very easy to add this service to your mobile device, see Compatible Devices and How to Activate WiFi Calling.

WiFi calling -

Information Sources

Your mobile phone provider's web site is the best place to start on how you best use your phone overseas.

Roaming charges are not covered within the current plan allocations. They are charged per use unless you add a roaming pack. 2Degrees have recently changed their roaming packs to provide more options.
Here are the details below;

You add one of the packs as you need via the text code provided under the Buy Now link, this will be charged to the phone bill as usual and you can pay the department back directly if this is personal use as negotiated with your manager.

Spend Control

It might be useful for staff to setup Spend Control using the below documentation. This allows the staff member to set a dollar limit on the account and receive warnings on reaching the set amount. This is set up in Your2Degrees and only the staff member can set it up and update it.

Guide to 2Degrees Spend Control

UoW Specific Help Sheet

UoW Help Sheet for Mobile Devices when Roaming

Checklist - Before You Go Overseas

You need to know the following:

  • How to get to the setting options for your phone.
  • How to set the phone to flight mode - or turn off while flying.
  • How to set local phone provider up - most phones cut across to the local provider automatically but you need to check and to know how to move it to the correct provider if it adopts a non-recommended provider.
  • How to turn Mobile data off and on - recommend you turn off and only enable if wireless is not available.
  • How to turn wireless on and select a wireless provider. You also need to know how to disconnect one wireless provider and connect to another.
  • Depending on your location on another campus Eduroam may be available. You need to connect to Eduroam here on campus before you go so you are familiar with settings and password requirements.

Before You Go Checklist

  1. Remember to pack chargers and plug adaptors.
  2. Most modern devices use a 240/110V AC adaptors but it pays to check the 110V capability markings are on the charger.
  3. Make sure your mobile can roam (see below)
  4. Know how much sending and receiving calls, texts or using data will cost (see below)
  5. Make sure you have set your phone access pin or password. (see below)
  6. Make sure you have your voicemail pin ready to go as it will apply when roaming.(see below)
  7. Do you know how to setup your phone to a local service provider? (see below)

Have you downloaded or checked your phone vendors roaming help application or details?

2Degrees and select Googleplay or Apple Store under Roaming app.

Setting Up Your Phone When You Arrive


Set Up Android


Set Up iPad  / iPhone


It's easy to use your 2degrees mobile when you are overseas. Whether you're on Prepay, Pay Monthly or Business, you don't need to do anything special, just turn your phone on when you hop off the plane. There's no special set up, no forms and no changes.

Lost Phone

Urgently contact the International Roaming Helpdesk of your phone provider and they will block the SIM and hence any further charges to you.

Be aware that this will block your access for an undefined time there after if you find the phone and try to get it enabled.

Roaming Tips and Tricks


Emails can easily use up your data quota if you allow it to

  • Turn off automatic email download by setting it to manual
  • Switch your phone to use just email headers. If you want the rest you just select download in the body of the message


With email open email settings are available via Select button. Then Select - More > Settings > Send and receive >  Mail Size - Set  Headers only > Update Schedule > Peak time Set Manual Back button > Off peak Set Manual

Select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Preview> Select number of lines to download


Local wireless services are usually cheaper

  • A way you can save considerable data usage is to turn off your mobile phone data service and use the local hotel or conference venues wireless service.
  • Make sure you know what the charges are first as this too can be expensive in some locations.
  • If there is no officially supplied password or pin, be very careful with confidential information while using the wireless service as it may be insecure.
  • Free public access wireless services with no passwords are not very secure

Wireless Setup


Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi On > Wi-Fi settings > WiFi networks > Select network > Login on prompts


Settings > WiFi> Select Wi-Fi On > Select network> Login on prompts

Destination Check

Check your mobile will work where you are going. Most phone vendors have check options available through their website.

Phone PINs

Check your voicemail setup and PIN. You will need to use a PIN number for voicemail when travelling. Follow your phone vendor's instructions on resetting it to make sure it is current using the above web site link.

Set a phone access PIN or password before you go. This is important to stop a stolen phone from being used.

International Dialling

Type + then the country code (e.g.+64 for New Zealand). This will automatically insert the relevant international codes in from of the country code to suit the local service provider

Travel SIM Cards

Vodafone offer a travel SIM that goes in beside your existing SIM if your phone has 2 SIM slots. These SIMs reduce the cost per call in your destination closer to the local rates.

You can purchase a local prepay SIM when you arrive at your destination but be aware these can delete your contacts and other settings in some phones if you replace your NZ SIM. Local SIMs do however reduce costs to local rates which may be useful for extended stays or usage.

Airplane Mode

Some phones are able to use services while on certain flights listed on your provider's web site.

Indicative Costs of airplane mode are:
Outbound Calls$13.00 per minute
Inbound Calls$1.00 per minute
Sending Texts$0.80 per text
Data$30.00 per MB

Please check on your phone provider's site for more accurate pricing

Costs While Travelling

  • Mobile device costs while traveling can be very large if you are not careful with your settings.
  • Do not assume that just because the phone works, the call costs will remain the same everywhere you go. Your phone provider's web site has the most up to date price information.

Examples that show the variation in costs.

Local Country USAGermanyUSAGermany
Calls (per minute)Within local country$2.40 NZ$3.40 NZ$2.00 NZ$2.00 NZ
 Non NZ or local country$4.00 NZ$4.00 NZ$2.00 NZ$2.00 NZ
 Receive a call$1.00 NZ1.00 NZ$1.00 NZ$1.00 NZ
Text messagesSend a text$0.80 NZ$0.80 NZ$0.80 NZ$0.80 NZ
 Receive a textFreeFreeFreeFree
Data - including emailUsage per megabyte$8.00 NZ$20.00 NZ$10.00 NZ$10.00 NZ

Global Roaming with 2degrees

It's easy to use your 2degrees mobile when you are overseas. Whether you're on Prepay, Pay Monthly or Business, you don't need to do anything special, just turn your phone on when you hop off the plane. There's no special set up, no forms and no changes.

Roaming Rates:

  • Call charges are per minute (part minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute)
  • Text charges are per text
  • Data charges rounded to the nearest 5.12kb

Check out the 2degrees website for more info and view their Roaming Rates.

In Fight Roaming:

You don't have to complete any type of set up. In-flight roaming is restricted to certain flights so check with your airline who will be able to tell you whether your flight is set up for In-flight Roaming.

See 2degrees website for current prices.

Aussie Data Roaming Packs:

See 2degrees Aussie Data Roaming Packs.

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