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Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile Web


You can access the Internet, email, calendars, conferencing options, create and access podcasts, and much more. It is a small, lightweight mobile device which allows you to use it anywhere, anytime.


There are a vast number of tablets available in the marketplace. The most popular devices are Apple iPad and Android devices.  Some of the features of these devices (and how they differ from desktop computers or laptops) are detailed below.

  • Tablet devices are designed to be portable, with small dimensions and a lightweight design.
  • Tablets provide functionality to send and receive emails, create and edit documents and also offer entertainment features, such as the ability to read books, watch movies and listen to music.
  • Navigating is simplified by using either touchscreen display or stylus pen.
  • Internet connectivity is provided via either 3G or wireless access.
  • Using built-in cameras you can take photos or communicate via video chat at a moment's notice with anyone around the world.
  • Software or "apps" are purchased via the Internet using either iTunes or the Android Market

Tablets, however, are primarily designed for mobility and to display content rather than create it. If you need to create or substantially edit large documents or use software with sophisticated drawing or graphics capabilities, it is recommended that you work from a desktop PC or laptop.


The iPad is an Apple product, a multimedia device that is positioned somewhere between a smart mobile phone and a laptop.  In Apple's words, it is "the best way to experience the web, email, photos and video."   The iPad has it's own proprietary operating system and a colour, touch-sensitive screen.

Content is usually added by downloading applications and by synchronising with an iTunes account. Resources to assist you in getting started with your iPad are available at


Android is an open source operating system, developed by Google, and used by a range of devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Android devices usually come with a range of built-in programs (called applications or apps) such as a web browser, email client, calendar and maps.  In addition, you can download a huge variety of apps to your device from the Android Market.

Files such as documents, spreadsheets and images can be transferred to and from the device.  Smartphones and tablets are very portable so you can have access to your email, calendar and important documents without carrying a laptop around.

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The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own support tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check its status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


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