Wireless Printing on Campus

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What is It?

Printing via the wireless network. If you want to print a file or document and are not connected to the University wired network, you can do this via wireless printing. Numerous printers on campus are enabled to allow this and you can choose the one nearest your current location or to the staff or student swipe-to-release queue.

When Would I Use it?

When connected to Eduroam, UoW Students, UoW Halls or Lightwire wireless network, you can use these services to print a document from your device to one of the printing queues available on campus. Charges may apply, depending on which printer you use, and your status (staff member, student or visitor).

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Airprint - AirPrint is an Apple technology that helps you create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers.

How Do I Access It?

Printing from iOS devices

  1. Connect to the UOW Students, UOW Halls or Eduroam wireless network
  2. Select the print option from within the app you want to print from
  3. Select "Select Printer"
  4. Browse through the Airprint published printers and select the printer that you wish to print to (e.g. the km-student-print or km-staff follow-me print queues)
  5. Enter your username and password (this will be saved and you won't be prompted until you next change your password)
  6. Select "Print"

PLEASE NOTE: If you print to the swipe to release follow-me queue, your print job won't be printed till you swipe your card on any staff or student MFD. Webprint will show the status as 'waiting for release' or as 'failed to release' until you release it at a supported KM printer.

Printing from Android devices, Windows and Linux

webprint select login

  • Login with Waikato username and password
  • Webprint defaults to "File Print" which lets you upload a file to print.  You can select "Web Print" to print a web page
  • Click "Select a file" link

webprint change options

  • Change the Job Attributes (pages, duplexing, colour)

webprint select file

  1. Select the file you want to change
  2. Select 'Change Job Attributes' Button (2a changes just this job, 2b would change any future job)
  3. Select Settings:
  • Colour or Black and white
  • One sided or Duplex
  • Number of prints (1)
  • Specific pages to print (blank = all, or 1,2,5-9)
  • Click on OKAY
    • Click Print Now

    webprint select printer

    • Select your Location (Swipe-to-release has the follow me queues to allow printing to any MFD on campus), Click "OK"
    1. Select the document from the list
    2. Click on the Print button
    3. Select a printer from the popup box
    4. Click OK
    5. If wanted, click the "remember these settings"
    6. If necessary, change the printer with the [Destination 'Change' buttons]
    7. Click YES to print

    webprint confirm save

    • Your document will print, subject to available credit balance.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you printed to a Swipe-to-release follow me queues, your print job will be printed when you swipe your card at any staff or any student MFD, Webprint will show the status as 'waiting for release' or as 'failed to release' until you release it at a supported KM printer.

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