Printers on Campus

Faculties and departments on campus used to purchase their own printers & faxes till the University contracted Konica Minolta to supply and service Konica Minolta MFDs (Multi Function Devices). So there are still a variety of printers but the majority will be the Konica Minolta MFDs.

Faculty / Department Printers

Some faculties and departments on campus still have other brands of printers alongside the MFDs. If there are any issues with those then the computer consultant from that faculty / department is the person to contact to check it out and fix it.

Konica Minolta MFDs

Konica Minolta (KM) has been contracted to supply & service the University printers. You can print, photocopy and scan on these machines. Some are also set up to send and receive faxes.

Each printer has a Key User that is the first point of contact for each department / faculty. Once a job is logged with KM the restoration time due to break-down or other fault shall be within 5 hours. Sometimes they can guide the staff member by phone on what to do to fix their issue. Other times they will send out a technician. An email gets sent out when the call is logged with them and when the printer has been fixed and the job is closed.

Key Users for Konica Minolta Printers

Each MFD has a Key User. Key Users do the following:

  • Provide basic on the spot "how to" assistance to Local Users.
  • Arrange (KM) training for local users on how to use the MFD.
  • Are responsible for stocking and ordering consumables for that MFD e.g. toner, staples, and paper (they order through KM SD number 0800 733 855).
  • Basic troubleshooting of the MFD e.g. paper jams, rebooting the machine, machine setup.
  • Liaison with the SD if the problem persists.
  • Basic maintenance e.g. cleaning glass.

Any other issues are dealt with by the ITS Service Desk. You can ring them on ext 4008.

Student Lab Printers

There are a number of student labs on campus. Each faculty / department have their own staff that attend to and fix the printers. The KM MFDs are dealt with as above.

Faxing from an MFD

95% of the MFDs on campus have fax capability installed. If you are unsure KM will be able to check if we let them know the serial number of the MFD. There will be a charge to add the fax capability.

In order to set up a fax for a department we need the following:

  • department fax nº
  • department header information
  • room and face plate numbers

A fax queue will need to be created which will be the queue you send your fax to. As there is a cost involved if the MFD nearest to you doesn't have fax capability ring the Service Desk as they may be able to let you know if there's one nearby that you can use.


There is a test number (0508 500 499) which KM use to test faxes. This is a Clear test service and if a fax is sent to this number, all going well, it will send a reply with a report on the fax levels. This tests both the send and receive at the same time so if this is successful then there is a good chance the issue is not with the MFD but with the other fax (unless the report says otherwise). If people are having difficulty sending to overseas faxes there is an option on the machines to tell it that it will be an overseas transmission and adjust levels accordingly.

Scan to Email

All the MFDs have capability to scan to email. It is set up to send to your own email. If you want to send it to someone else you need to do the following:

* Press Scan
* Press Address Search (across the top of the screen)
* Press Search
* Key in the users name
* If there is more than one option you will need to highlight Name Destination and switch between Phone and Email to choose the correct option.

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