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Tips for making your password stronger

  • It may be helpful to think "passphrase" rather than "password", as longer memorable passphrases (a phrase with the spaces removed) are much better than shorter less memorable passwords (eg “goingtotown”, “offtocollege”, “toschooligo”, etc).
  • Using easy to remember passwords of more than 7 characters with numbers substituted for letters (eg 1's for i's, 3's for E's, zero for o's, etc).
  • Using two, or more, shorter words and numbers as words as a pass-phrase, rather than a password (eg "going2town", "off2college", "2school1go").
  • Using book, or movie, titles or sayings (eg "Angels&Demons", "RevengeoftheSith", "ETPhoneHome", “2Sirwithl0ve”, etc).
  • Using special characters ensures stronger password\passphrase (eg "Ch@ng3_Me%" , "P@55w0rd#" )
  • Or any mixture of the above - the more creative, the easier to remember.
  • To make it easier to remember which password/passphrase to use for which device, web site, application, etc you may wish the password/passphrase to reflect the login being used (eg “myfaceb00k1”, “how1getmy3mail”, etc).
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