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Good password management

Managing password for many different accounts can be a hassle as it requires a user to remember more than a handful of passwords. This often leads people to use the same password, or variations of it, for different logins, use sticky notes in their work space or write down all the passwords in a single sheet and store it in their desk drawer. While common, these approaches are not recommended as they are extremely insecure and your passwords can be easily found. Would you want someone knowing your bank account login details?

A good solution to this modern day dilemma is an online password manager. Password manager software provides a central, secure location to store account passwords, PINS and other sensitive information and lock it all up with a single master password.  All you have to do is memorize the master password and have to keep it in your head all the time. Some reputable password managers are:


Password Manager tools help to generate complex passwords (based on compliance requirements), sync them between multiple personal devices, provide import and export capability, allow for simple notes and automatically complete online forms for more efficient online checkouts. But most importantly, they make sure you never forget your password again, and make sure no one else finds them.


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